Rogue Engineering Thrust Arm Bushings E39 M5/540i

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As your BMW E39 M5/540 get higher in mileage, you can start to feel a shimmy that occurs in the front suspension at highway speeds.  This often gets worse while braking, which makes it feel like tires are out of balance or rotors are out-of-round.  The common problem is that the front thrust arm bushings go bad.  Rogue Engineering has solved this problem with a Thrust Arm Bushing (TAB) that will out last an out perform your OEM bushing at a fraction of the price.
  • Replaces your old worn out OEM BMW Thrust Arm Bushings with a set that will out perform and out last your OEM TAB's or any other TAB's on the market!
  • BMW E39 M5
  • BMW E39 540i

No Need to Stress Out
One of the biggest reasons why the factory E39 M5/540 thrust arm bushings wear out so quickly is that they are continually under stress.  As you drive the car, the factory thrust arm bushings have continual torsion loads being exerted onto the bushings while driving.  This continuous twisting load on the on the inside of the bushing is the beginning of the end for the factory bushing.  Some people have tried to used factory X5 bushings as replacements with better results, but Rogue Engineering is looking to resolve this in a big way.

Rogue Engineering's TAB's are designed allow the thrust arm to move without this spring load, but instead, allowing movement though its range without this specific resistance.  By allowing the center bolt sleeve to pivot instead of our custom urethane-silicone bushings smoothly, there is no unnecessary wear and tear.

Another Urethane Bushing?
Some will try to compare the Rogue Engineering Thrust Arm Bushings to a currently available urethane replacements.  There is a big difference!  Instead of using urethane to control the entire area of deflection, we've engineered an aluminum housing to reduce the ID of the hole of the thrust arm bushing.  By doing this, we can fine tune the urethane compound so that we can get performance without unwanted NVH.  In order to get our level of deflection control, other companies would have to make their entire bushing so incredibly hard that their product would either vibrate, squeak or both!

Handling Improvements
The Rogue Engineering TABs does more than reduced unwanted thrust arm movement and extend bushing life.  By producing the RE TAB with a centered configuration, we slightly reduce the vehicle's excessive factory front caster.  This means better steering wheel response in everyday and performance driving.

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