Power Pulley Kit for 2003-05 BMW Z4 [E85] w/ 2.5/3.0

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Power Pulley Kit for Z4 2.5/3.0 2003-2005

As used on our racecars and street cars, these are engineered not only to be the best pulley kits on the market but also to provide the best compromise between performance and reliability. Specifically, we have designed them to underdrive the water pump, and the alternator*. The Z4 has electric power steering and therefore does not need a third pulley. Adding these is like getting FREE HORSEPOWER - there are no downsides and underdriving each of these accessories has been proven safe through years of on and off-track use. We do not believe it is safe to change the crankshaft pulley due to the potential harm to the crankshaft. These kits provide a 10%-20% overall reduction in driving your car's systems and have been dyno-tested with a gain of up to 11hp.

Kit includes water pump, alternator pulleys, and belt. The Z4 has electric power steering and therefore does not need a third pulley. The T-6061 hard anodized aluminum pulleys account for a 10 to 20-percent decrease in accessory speeds, reducing the load on the engine but still maintaining a safe margin for reliability on all components. Installation involves removing the fan for easy access to the front of the engine. The main drive belt comes off easy and each pulley is mounted with Allen head bolts. Typical installation time is 1.5 hours. New main drive belt is included.

The pulleys were good for 10.7hp at 6960 rpm and 8.1 lb-ft of torque at 5550 on the 1995 M3.

*Alternator pulleys - we offer two kits, one for the performance minded individual and one for the serious audiophile. If you have a significant additional load on the alternator, from aftermarket audio amplifiers, you will not want to underdrive the alternator. Thus, we simply lighten that pulley rather then underdrive it. Choose from the menu below if you have a stock or an upgraded stereo.

Applications: 2003 - 2005 Z4 2.5/3.0 (Z4) - PN# PPK-Z4


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