Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Pipe for 2016+ Ford Focus RS (MMICP-RS-16CBK)

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Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Ford Focus RS
  • Boost your performance with this easy to install cold side intercooler pipe, having cooler air into your engine means better acceleration!
  • Better airflow rate to your 2.3L EcoBoost engine, enhancing the driving experience of your Ford Focus RS 
  • Rigid steel reinforced construction and one piece design. More beneficial than the OEM four point connection design. Less connection points means less movable parts to go wrong in your vehicle


  • Silicone construction absorbs the stresses of excessive engine movement

  • Improves heat and pressure tolerance

  • 46% less pressure drop than OEM cold-side pipe

  • 31% increase in internal volume compared to OEM cold-side pipe

  • Fits both stock and Mishimoto Focus RS intercooler

  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


  • Ford Focus RS 2016+


Mishimoto manufactured this steel reinforced cold-side intercooler piping for the 2.3L EcoBoost engine in the 2016+ Ford Focus RS. This cold-side intercooler piping is a one piece design making the OEM four point connection design obsolete. Less clamps means a cleaner look and a easier install. Aside from it's superior design over the OEM piping. The performance from the Mishimoto cold-side intercooler piping is significantly improved compared to the OEM pipe. Increasing the internal volume by an astonishing 40% and a pressure drop of about 46%. Making it a very beneficial performance upgrade to your 2.3L EcoBoost Ford Focus RS!

Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Ford Focus RS
Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Ford Focus RS Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Ford Focus RS

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