Injen SP Air Intake for 2012-13 VW Jetta GLI [MK VI] 2.0T SP3076

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The Injen SP Air Intake for MK6 VW GLI provides maximum airflow to the engine for the best performance gains around.

In order to increase the performance and the power of the MK6 VW GLI, you will need to increase the amount of air going to the engine. The factory intake system is highly restrictive and provides turbulent airflow that hinders performance. With the Injen SP Air Intake for MK6 GLI, you will be replacing the factory intake system with a single-piece, free-flowing intake pipe combined with a large cone air filter that provides your car with maximum filtration and maximum airflow.  With the Injen SP Air Intake, you will dyno-proven performance gains of 9hp and 8lb/ft torque to the wheels. All Injen Air Intakes are engineered with their patented MR technology which provides your car with the optimum air volume for your engine to perform at its maximum potential, making the Injen SP Air Intakes the world's first tuned air intake. For extra styling under the hood of the MK6 VW GLI, the Injen SP Air Intake is available in a polished stainless steel or laser black finish.


Injen SP Air Intake for MK6 VW GLI Features
  • +9hp and +8lb/ft torque gains to the wheels
  • Replaces highly restrictive factory intake with free flowing tubing
  • Large cone air filter maximizes filtration
  • More refined engine sound and turbo spool
  • Improved throttle response and increased acceleration
  • Includes aluminum air duct to direct cool air to filter
  • Available in polished stainless or laser black finish
  • 2011-2012 MK6 VW GLI

Please give us a call about any questions about the Injen Cold Air Intake for VW MK6 GLI today at (714) 582-3330

Injen SP Air Intake Available Finishes

Injen Cold Air Intake for VW MK6 GLI Installation

Only basic hand tools are required for installation


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