H&R VTF Height Adjustable Springs for 2016+ Audi S4/A4 Quattro (AWD) [B9] - 23007-1

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  • Spring rates are balanced to your factory shocks so you get a sporty ride that isn't too harsh.
  • Full height adjustability lets you get rid of that ugly wheel gap and find a height that suits your taste/needs.
  • Uses factory shocks so you don't have to compromise your electronic suspension.


  • Front lowering range: .75"" - 1.6""
  • Rear lowering range: .75"" - 1.6""
  • Specifically designed and tuned to work with factory damping for a superb ride and great handling
  • 100% made in Germany


  • 2016+ Audi S4/A4 Quattro [B9]


Lowering springs are one of the easiest ways to make your car look better. But sometimes you're just not happy with the height the manufacturer set, or you want the option of going lower later if you get a new set of wheels. Coilovers are usually the answer, but on newer cars it usually means you have to disable your adaptive suspension or pay a lot more for a set that works with the system. The solution to your problems is a set of Height Adjustable Springs like the H&R VTF Kit. This kit mounts like a set of normal lowering springs but with threaded rings so you can adjust the height while still retaining your OEM dampers. These VTF Kits are 100% made in Germany so you can trust the quality and reliability.


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