H&R Sway Bars / Anti-Roll Bars Audi C6 A6

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H&R Sway Bars
H&R Sway Bars are the
PERFECT compliment to H&R Springs, Coil Overs, Performance Shocks and Cup Kits.

H&R uses the HIGHEST tensile strength and the industry's strongest and most durable steel alloy (50CrV4), making this product incomparable by other competitors.  Every sway bar produced by H&R are manufactured on specialized machines, guaranteeing an EXACT fit and AMAZING performance for your Audi A6.

If you're wondering if H&R Sway Bars' quality is anything like their springs, the answer is of course YES!  The sway bar's undergo the same stringent manufacturing process.  Every bar is cold-formed, heat treated, shot-peened (an H&R's exclusive process), and dimensionally checked for accuracy--this guarantees INCREASED life and surface hardness.  What makes H&R sway bars so unique is that it has special machined-like forged ends, making them adjustable for fine-tuning.

All these features and details in one set of sway bars, there must be A LOT of maintenance required, right?  Wrong, H&R Sway Bars come equipped with exclusive URETHANE/TEFLON composite, which means NO maintenance, NO lubrication, and NO squeaking!  With all this, every bar is also powder coated for long lasting performance, durability, and appearance.

About Sway Bars
Suspension tuning doesn't stop with the springs and shocks. To really get your car dialed in, you'll want to look at a wide range of other components in your arsenal, including sway bars. Most modern performance-oriented vehicles now come stock with sway bars. The main purpose of a sway bar is to make the outside springs seem stiffer in a corner which is ideally what you'd want for the best performance.

Sway bars are used to counterpart the lean and roll you experience from your springs. If you are seeking flatter cornering with less wallowing in the turns then you should definitely be considering sway bars as a crucial upgrade to your car's suspension components. Sway bars are also often available with adjustment holes in the end link mounting tabs, which prove to be a useful tool for dialing in the handling attitude of the car, from understeer to oversteer.

The beauty of upgrading to stiffer sway bars is that they not only have a minimal impact on ride quality, but also they allow the use of softer springs so that a car can be set up for a cushier around-town ride and a flatter cornering attitude. Stiff springs and a very stiff sway bar can reduce body roll so much that the car's breakaway is hard to predict. Roll gives you some warning before you run out of grip. Most sway bars can be installed with basic hand tools.

Vehicle Model Chassis / Drivetrain Years Bar Type Bar Thickness(mm) Adjustable Part Number
A6,A6 Avant 2WD, AWD, 4F C6 2005-Up Front 32 Yes 70200
      Rear 25 Yes 71200


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