H&R Sport Springs for 2011-16 VW Golf R [MK VI, VII] 54759 28816-1

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H&R Sport Springs for VW MK 6 & 7 Golf R will give your car an aggressive stance and improve handling.

For a more aggressive stance on the VW MK 6 & 7 Golf R, you need to get H&R Sport Springs. These springs are the best selling products from H&R Suspension for its high quality and affordable prices. The H&R Sport Springs for MK 6 & 7 Golf R will lower your car by .75"" in the front and the rear for a lower center of gravity and better handling. The sport springs reduce body roll on the MK 6 & 7 Golf R which results in better steering response during cornering. The VW MK 6 & 7 Golf R H&R Sport Springs are perfect for the road or track, and are specially engineered to maintain your driving comfort.

H&R Sport Springs for MK 6 & 7 VW Golf R Benefits
  • Car lowered by .75"" in front and rear
  • More aggressive stance with reduced fender gap
  • Springs have a progressive spring rate
  • Body roll reduced for increased handling performance
  • Ride quality and driving comfort is maintained
  • Lowers car's center of gravity for better cornering
  • 2011-13 MK 6 VW Golf R (54759)
  • 2015-16 Mk 7 VW Golf R (28816-1)


H&R Sport Springs for MK 6 & 7 VW Golf R (54759)

H&R Sport Springs for MK 6 & 7 VW Golf R Installation

Professional Installation is recommended for this product.
Jacks & jack stands, mechanic tools, and spring compressor needed for installation.


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