H&R Premium Performance Coil Overs Audi 8P A3

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H&R Coil Overs
So you have a vehicle that you love to push to the limit at the TRACK, but you also use this vehicle to COMMUTE to work... You want a coil over to enhance your ride experience when you're at the track, but you fear that your daily commute will be a ""ROUGH"" ride.  Don't worry, H&R's Coil Overs broke away from traditional twin-tube shock absorbers and engineered a state-of-the-art mono-tube gas shock construction to bring you the best suspension product available for your Audi A3.  Using top quality materials, H&R's engineers modified each coil over shock with a progressive rate spring to provide you with exceptional handling and a comfortable drive, all in one incredible design.

PREMIUM PERFORMANCE COIL OVERS - As their newest design, H&R used ALUMINUM front struts on this set of coil overs to significantly REDUCE UNSPRUNG WEIGHT.  These are perfect for those who want optimized performance and ride, and it comes with ALL the features of the H&R Street Performance Coil Overs!!  H&R's Premium Performance Coil Overs feature an average lowering range of 1.0 TO 2.5 INCHES, reduced weight of 30% - 40% than stock, and is black hard ANODIZED for strength and beauty.  These particular coil overs have limited availability, so if there's an application for your vehicle, these are a must!

H&R Exclusive Rear Height Adjusters
H&R prides itself on its numerous 'firsts' and innovations that have revolutionized the suspension industry. One of H&R's ingenious creations is its exclusive, patented rear height adjusters. Used for height adjustment in vehicles that have a separate rear spring / shock setup, the H&R exclusive Rear Height Adjusters in effect replace the lower rear spring perch with an easily height adjustable spring seat design. Using a hex key, a simple twist of the wrist is all that is needed to raise or lower the rear of the car. H&R's exclusive Rear Height Adjusters accompany some BMW applications.

About Coilovers
A coilover suspension basically gives you a matched lowering spring and shock absorber combination with the added benefit of adjustable ride height and spring rates through a moveable spring perch or perches. Coil overs are to your car's advantage by reducing unsprung mass, increasing suspension travel, and allowing the car to be corner balanced.

Vehicle Model Chassis / Drivetrain Note Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part Number
A3 Typ 8P, 2WD, 4Cyl. 8P only fits 55mm front strut clamp, 12*, 26** 1.2 - 2.3 1.0 - 2.0 39258-17
A3 Quattro Typ 8P, 2WD, 6Cyl. 8P only fits 55mm front strut clamp, 12*, 26** 1.2 - 2.3 1.0 - 2.0 39220-1

*Lowering height will vary on vehicles with factory sport suspensions such as BMW M-echnik, Mercedes-Benz Sport-line suspension, Audi-Sport suspension, etc.
**When lowering the chassis more than 1.4"", and your vehicle has a 42mm or larger drive shaft you must use one of H&R's Volkswagen front sway bar to accomplish adequate drive shaft clearance..

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