H&R Cup Kit Springs & Shocks/Struts for 2006-12 BMW 3-Series Sedan/Wagon [E90 / E91]

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H&R Cup Kit
Are you having a hard time picking out the perfect spring and shock combination for the highest level of performance handling?  Tired of searching and posting on forums only to find out what other people think is the perfect combination?  Stress no more because H&R has taken advantage of their 25 YEAR EXPERIENCE to get rid of the guesswork process by selecting PERFECTLY MATCHED springs and shocks for your E90 / 91 3 Series Sedans and Sport Wangons!  Purchasing separate off-the-shelf suspension components will probably lower your car AND ride comfort, but you can be sure that these kits will make your ordinary vehicle into an OUTPERFORMING vehicle without losing any ride comfort.  What's the best part about H&R Cup Kits?  Not only do they give you the performance you seek, but the aggressive appearance that you expect from any suspension component--all this at an affordable price!

Cup Kit Selection
H&R Cup Kits come in 2 different types:  Sport Cup Kits and Touring Cup Kits.
Sport Cup Kits :: The IDEAL SOLUTION if you're looking for that super-low look with street-engineered performance.  With its design to drop your car MORE THAN 2 INCHES, people won't be able to help but look twice.  This kit is more than just a put-together set of springs and another set of shocks, H&R designed each Sport Cup Kit to deliver improved handling, flawless visuals, and intransigent driving comfort all in one kit!

Touring Cup Kits
:: Manufactured for street-performance, this kit won't lower your car as much as the Sport Cup Kit, but will maintain the high level of performance like that of the Sport Cup kit - perfect for those who don't like their rides too low!  With H&R's application-specific spring and shock system, this kit will lower your car UP TO 1.5 INCHES.  This kit is perfect if you need the daily driving comfort along with the aggressive performance of any H&R suspension system!

About Lowering Springs
Aftermarket springs are commonly used to lower the ride height and to reduce body roll. This is also often done when upgrading to a larger wheel and tire package. Generally speaking, the stiffer the spring rates (the increase in force for the distance compressed).

When deciding which lowering springs are right for you, your goal should not be to drop the car down as far as possible. In many cases, overly ""slammed"" cars may actually be illegal for road use and terrible for daily driving. The ideal range of adjustment should be 0.5 to 2 inches using traditional lowering springs. Any lower, and the height of the perch should be adjusted by using a ride-height adjustable coilover suspension, or a camber kit.

Type: Touring Cup Kits
Vehicle Model Chassis Year Notes Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part Number
325i, 330i, 328i E90 2006+ 12 1.3 1.2 31054T-1
335i E90 2007+ 12 1.3 1.2 31054T-2
325i Sport Wagon, 328i Sport Wagon E91 2006+ 12 1.3 1.3 31054T-3

Type: Sport Cup Kits
Vehicle Model Chassis Year Notes Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part Number
325i, 330i, 328i E90 2006+ 12 2.1 1.7 31054-1
335i E90 2007+ 12 2.1 1.5 31054-2
325i Sport Wagon, 328i Sport Wagon E91 2006+ 12 2.1 1.7 31054-3

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Lowering / HA Springs
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Shock Absorbers / Struts