Fabspeed EVOMSIT ECU Tune for 1998-2005 Porsche Turbo / S / X50 [996TT]

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$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
This FabSpeed EVOMSIT Tuning System for Porsche 996 Turbo improves engine power and torque for impressive performance gains. The stock  engine with 420 HP is increased to 498 HP with the OEM integrated sports button. Engine torque is also increased from 413 lb.-ft. to 503 lb.-ft which dramatically improves acceleration and overall engine performance.

NOTE: This is not a physical/shipped product.  This upgrade requires you to send FABSPEED your ECU for re-programming.  You will be emailed a download link with detailed instructions after adding this to your cart and checking out.

SHIPPING DETAILS: Shipping costs for sending an ECU to Fabspeed is the responsibility of the purchaser.  The ECU will be tuned within 24-48 hours of receiving it and Fabspeed will then ship back the ECU using whatever method it was shipped in with.  (For example: If you send in your ECU via Ground shipping, we will ship it back via Ground.  If you ship it via Overnight, we will ship it back via Overnight.)

Fabspeed has developed this intake kit to take advantage of cooler air charge temperatures found low and at the front of the car, increasing the density and oxygen content of the incoming air charge.  It is constructed out of C.N.C. air craft machined with T304 Stainless steel with a BMC air filter, while maintaining the stock mass air flow plastic sensor grate and location for maximum power and no Check Engine Light.  Do not settle for and anything less then perfection in your Porsche 996 Turbo S and get your Fabspeed intake kit.

  • Extensively Tested and Tuned on the Dyno, Street and Track
  • Significant Increases to horsepower and torque
    • 996 Turbo 3.6L:
      • Stock = 420 HP / 413 TQ
      • Tuned = 498 HP /503 TQ
    • 996 Turbo S/ X-50 3.6L:
      • Stock = 450 HP / 457 TQ
      • Tuned = 505 HP / 502 TQ

  • Dramatically improves overall engine performance
  • Always activated and integrates seamlessly into the OEM electronics
  • Easy “Plug and Play” installation with ZERO modifications to any OEM component
  • Fabspeed Motorsport saves your stock/factory ECU settings so that you can revert your vehicle back to stock settings at any time
  • Extensively tested and during dyno simulation and real world driving conditions
  • Performance Validated - Texas Mile Testing 2010
  • Tested safe on both 91 octane and 93 octane fuels
  • Does not interfere with OEM diagnostics or dealer service
  • Does not disable any of the OEM electronic engine safety features
  • Lifetime warranty – Original purchaser EVOMSit Intelligent Engine Control Module


  • Porsche 996 Turbo (FS.POR.996T.ECU)
  • Porsche 996 Turbo S or X50 (FS.POR.996T.ECUX50)



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