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Casey McNeil

 Warehouse & Logistics
Casey McNeil

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Born and raised in Pasadena (California), Casey was indoctrinated into the car culture by his stepfather when he started an Aerodynamics company. Growing up surrounded by cool cars and automotive enthusiasts grew his interest in all things car related and has played a huge role in his life.

Casey’s fondest memories surround his 1974 260Z which he rebuilt/restored himself. He purchased the car as a shell when he was 18 and spent over 2 year replacing almost everything on the car with updated or good condition original parts. If you ever meet him in person you can see the joy the car brings him and the pride that came out of the hard work he’s put into it.

Casey has been working in the industry for most of his life and brings a ton of experience and knowledge to ModBargains. He’s a valued member of the team and we all love his fun and positive attitude

Outside of work and cars, Casey spends his free time playing soccer in adult leagues and spending time with his wife and son.