BMW M Performance Exhaust for 2017+ BMW 540i [G30] - 18302431035 / 18302444529

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  • Deep and authoritative exhaust tone is sure to turn heads and get your car noticed
  • The deep exterior tone becomes a smooth interior rumble and you accelerate
  • Stylish trapezoidal exhaust tips give your 5-Series an aggressive oem+ look that's sure to impress


  • Developed using state-of-the-art cad and fem technology
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Increased flow and reduced back pressure for extra performance
  • Aggressive deep tone
  • Chrome-plated 80 mm exhaust tips laser engraved with the M logo


  • 2017+ BMW 540i [G30]
  • 2017+ BMW 540i xDrive [G30]


Set yourself apart from the crowd and give your 540i some extra personality with a Race Exhaust from Remus. No only do you get BMW M Performance quality and reliability, you get an aggressive exhaust tone with all the fun pops and crackles that you expect out of your turbo engine. The factory exhaust on the 540i while not terrible is definitely a bit restrictive and very reserved in terms of sound. With an M Performance exhaust you get a much more full bodied exhaust tone and free up the flow of exhaust gasses so your engine is able to breath better. Comes with two 18302444529 BMW Performance Trapezoidal exhaust tips. Tips fit perfectly with BMW M Sport Package w/ 51128067763 diffuser piece. Cut out trims (51122447338C, pictured right) will be required for base model bumper.


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