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BMW Exhaust

Your car was meant to be heard

Looking for an exhaust for your BMW?

Exhaust from ModBargains

Here at ModBargains, we specialize in exhausts for BMW. We offer the best and most popular brands, most of which are in stock right here in our warehouse! Our experienced Modification Experts know the different characteristics of sound and performance of various exhaust systems for all BMW models. Our goal is to provide you with the exact sound and performance you are looking for. Whether you are a respectable gentleman who wants a more reserved exhaust note, or you like your arrival announced from ten blocks away, we have the know-how to get you that sound.

We carry all types of exhaust systems. Axle-Backs, mid-pipes, tips, Full Cat-Backs, Valved Systems, etc. Tips vary in finishes ranging from Polished to Black to Carbon Fiber. If you are in the market for an exhaust for your BMW, you've come to the right place.

An exhaust system really sets you apart from the tedious normalcy of the everyday BMW on the road. The sound your car produces can make in impression before it is even seen. People turn their heads to get a glimpse of the car making that awesome sound. Without an exhaust, you are missing out of one of the best parts about a BMW that many never experience.

A good exhaust system is also crutial in any performance build. Proper airflow in and out of your engine help produce more horsepower and torque. There are some exhaust systems out there designed mostly for sound, while others are engineered for maximum performance. Be sure to let us know what your goals are for your BMW so we can help you pick the right exhaust!

Need Help?

Not sure which exhaust to pick? Don't know if you should spring for the full cat-back or if an Axle-Back best suites your goals? Here at ModBargains our Mod Experts are always ready to help you pick the perfect exhaust for your BMW to get the sound and performance you really want. We have also done many sound clips and comparisons of different exhaust systems on our YouTube Channel to help you decide what would sound best on your BMW. →

It is also good to know that many exhaust systems are sold in separate parts so if you start of with just and axle-back or mid-pipe, you can always upgrade to a full cat-back later on. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and look forward to helping you pick the best parts for your BMW.