AWE Tuning Exhaust for 2016+ Audi S4 [B9] 3.0T Touring Edition 3010-42060

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  • Free flowing exhaust unlocks more power from your engine giving you the edge over stock S4s
  • Quad double-walled tips give a beefy performance look to the back of your S4
  • AWE 180 Technology cancels drone to keep your interior quiet and comfortable


  • Max gains of 16HP and 17 ft-lbs of Torque
  • Features AWE 180 Technology which cancels out unsavory frequencies and give a smooth exhaust tone
  • Compatible with standard and sport differentials
  • 90mm or 102mm double-walled tips available in chrome silver or diamond black
  • Engineered, designed, and manufactured in the USA
  • Direct bolt-on system, AWE guarantees perfect fitment
  • Lifetime Warranty from AWE


  • 2016+ AUDI B9 S4 3.0T


A good quality aftermarket exhaust is one of the main identifiers which separates the car enthusiast from the rest. Your exhaust becomes a part of your identity, enthusiast friends will recognize your approach and associate that sound with you. If you're a very modest person who wants your car to sound nice without too much fuss then we recommend the AWE Touring Edition Exhaust. This exhaust has dual resonators in the front and at the back features two special AWE Mufflers with 180 Technology. Their 180 Technology uses strategically placed baffling to eliminate drone so you get a smooth exhaust tone without annoying resonance in the cabin. Under heavy acceleration you still get a good bit of volume along with the fun pops and crackles you'd expect from a performance exhaust. If this isn't quite what you're looking for check out the

AWE Track Exhaustor the AWE SwitchPath Exhaust.

Along with sound one should also consider performance and visual improvements. The AWE S4 Exhaust has been dyno tested and shown to give peak gains of 14HP and 11 ft-lbs of Torque with max gains of up to 16HP and 17 ft-lbs or Torque. This gives you improved passing power and smooths out the torque curve in the midrange (most used) rpms. To give a more aggressive asthetic AWE offers multiple exhaust tip options so you can customize your look to match your style. You can choose smaller 90mm silver tips for a look closer to OEM or you can go for the large 102mm diamond black tips to really stand out. You can't help but turn heads with this exhaust system, and with the added performance and style it's the upgrade your car has been hoping for.

AWE Track Touring SwitchPath Exhaust 2016+ Audi B9 S4 V6 Turbo DYNO Sheet

AWE Exhaust Tips 90mm Chrome Diamond Black Options AWE Chrome Exhaust Tips 2016+ Audi B9 S4 V6 Turbo
AWE Exhaust Tips 102mm Chrome Diamond Black Options AWE Diamond Black Exhaust Tips 2016+ Audi B9 S4 V6 Turbo
AWE Exhaust Tips 96mm Carbon Fiber Options AWE Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips 2016+ Audi B9 S4 V6 Turbo


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