AST 5100 Series 1-Way Adjustable Coilovers for BMW F87 M2

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  • You love winning and nothing makes you win more than these coilovers.
  • Avoid public shame of running a budget suspension on your M2.
  • AST Coilovers are like viagra for your car!


  • Ride Height Adjustable

  • Mono-Tube Damper

  • Inverted Strut Shafts

  • Linear Rate Springs

  • 1-Way (rebound) adjustability

  • Corrosion resistant KTL Coating


  • 2016+ F87 BMW M2

Ready for the next level? The AST 5100 Series coilovers are the next step up when considering a performance suspension. They still offer great driving comfort but are definitely track focused. These are great coilovers for the performance minded enthusiast who tracks their car occasionally, but doesn't want to get too deep into fine suspension tuning.

The 5100 Series feature full height adjustability with damper tuning aimed at performance driving, occasional track days, and a civilized ride. The monotube dampers are invert mounted for improved strength and the rebound adjustability allows for more tuning to your desired performance level and driving style. Like the 4100 Series, the 5100 Series features improved corrosion resistance with AST's KTL Coating.


Please contact us if you have questions about the AST 5100 Series Coilovers for the 2016+ BMW M2 [F87]
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