Stainless Works 3" Performance Connect Exhaust for the 2010+ Camaro 6.2L

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3"" Dual Performance Connect Exhaust System provides deep muscle-car sound

Looking for a clean exhaust system with a deep sound, but don't want to over do it? Then this is the system for you. This 3"" Dual Performance Connect Exhaust System set up has a ""street rod"" type tone, but isn't overly aggressive. They are bent using the mandrel system with a CNC machine. The CNC Mandrel bend allows for even flow throughout the system, increasing performance. The tips are stainless steel, and a double-walled, polished mirror. The material used is of course 304 Stainless Steel, and this product is also manufactured here in the United States.

Stainless Works Slash Cut Tips

Dual Chambered Exhaust System by Stainless Works

Slash Cut Tip Style

The 3"" Dual Exhaust System for 2010+ Chevy Camaro

Benefits and Additional Info

  • Performance Increase
  • All Parts for installation come with system
  • Loud, but not annoying tone
  • Connects to Stainless Works System Headers
  • Dual Exhaust exiting from sides on the back bumper.

Installation Guide

Connection, Muffler, Tips Part Number
Performance Connect, Chambered Round, Slash Cut CA11CBL
Performance Connect, Turbo Chambered, Slash Cut CA10CBL
Performance Connect, Turbo Chambered, Y-Tip CA10CBGRDFX
Performance Connect, Turbo S-Tube, Slash Cut CA10CBL-LMF

Muffler Styles

Turbo Chambered

Intended for the daily driver, this design is made to provide a deep rumble for the civilized car owner. Not too aggressive, but aggressive enough to provide maximum flow with a great tone.

Chambered Round
This ""Retro Chambered"" muffler is designed to create a street-rod type of tone, while not being overly aggressive. If you want a little more tone out of this setup, the mufflers can be reversed for a quick tone change. These can also be custom produced, up to 60"" long.

Turbo S-Tube
With a straight through turbo design, and an aggressive tone at idle and crusing speeds, the Turbo S-Tube is the most aggressive of the three systems. When you jump on the throttle, a very aggressive tone is made by the system, one so aggressive, some consider it too loud. Be warned, this system is for someone who truly wants aggressiveness out of their car.

Stainless Works uses a CNC Mandrel Bending technique

This Mandrel Bending technique provides consistent diameter, instead of slight deformation as caused by traditional bending techniques. The CNC machine further adds precision. The factory connection is designed to easily attach to stock connection points on your Camaro. To make installation easier, all hangers and clamps are included with the system.


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