Supersprint LH/RH Mufflers for 2002-05 Audi B6 A4 (Avant) 3.0 [B6] Quattro w/90mm Round Tips

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All Supersprint mufflers come from the flow through resonated design; as a result, each unit has NO chambers or baffles to reduce your vehicles velocity.  Simply put, these mufflers with tips are designed as a straight through in & out design!  The components inside the mufflers are 100% STAINLESS STEEL with a high heat-resistant rock wool sound suppressing material, found ONLY in the Supersprint systems.  This is the reason why Supersprint can offer your Audi sound-legal performance exhaust systems.  ALL tubing is mandrel bent to give your vehicle maximum flow.  The flanges and hangers are of OE or BETTER quality to ensure PERFECT fitment everytime.  The housings are all manufactured from 1.5mm material that is M.I.G. welded at every seem.  The stainless steel systems are made of 100% 304 STAINLESS.  The mild steel systems are aluminized inside and out, then black head coated to prevent ANY corrosion.  Supersprint carries the largest variety of tips in the world as well!

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Supersprint Build Quality
Awarded by the FAKT Pfalz, the quality certification ISO 9001 ensures the highest standard efficiency of research, development and manufacturing process.  This certification confirms the strict quality control specifications that each single product fulfills, determined by the latest E.E.C. guidelines.  Every single raw material batch, from stainless steel tubes to sound deadening rock wool packs, is carefully selected and examined before they are implemented, and all processing steps (bending, welding, chrome-plating, etc.) are performed with extremely demanding, superior quality standards.  Therefore, every single Supersprint product lives up to precise expectations, and their quality is left unchanged from time to time.

Supersprint's warranty insure against any defects in materials and worksmanship.  For any non-stainless steel system, there is a 2-year unlimited mile warranty, and for any stainless steel system, there is a 3-year unlimited mile warranty.  This warranty is effective on the date of purchase from any authorized Supersprint North America dealer.  This warranty is nontransferable when ownership of the product vehicle, on which it is installed, is sold.  For more information on what may void the warranty and how the warranty works, CLICK HERE.


  1. Established in 1955, Supersprint develops and handcrafts the best sport car performance exhausts in the business.
  2. Supersprint is the only exhaust manufacturer that individually tests each of its components, from the racing-design headers to the exclusive, high-flow metallic catalytic converters to the rear mufflers, in order to ensure perfect compatibility and peek function, even in conjunction with the OEM exhaust parts.
  3. Supersprint is always among the first manufacturers, and quite often the one and only, in building performance exhausts for the latest sport cars.  Supersprint's proprietary international patents on some of its exclusive headers' merge collectors design, as well as on some silencer designs, had not yet been surpassed by any other manufacturer in business.
  4. Supersprint is the only exhaust manufacturer who offers its tail pipes in a wide variety of styles, with over 100 different shapes and sizes. Supersprint even owns international patents for more than 20 of its special design exhaust tips.  With Supersprint, each and every car tuner has the option to find the exhaust style that suits their cars the best.  The same freedom of choice is left to you...that is, if you decide to go with the Supersprint program.
  5. Thanks to experience coming from the strong, long-term connection between Supersprint and several car manufacturers' factory racing teams, Supersprint is the only exhaust producer that actually designs from scratch, develops their idea, and produces real performance systems, all out of its own knowledge, without copying any one else's projects.
  6. Supersprint is the only company in the exhaust business, who performs more than 1,500 dyno tests yearly, using its own exclusive MAHA 4x4 dynamometer.
  7. Supersprint is the only exhaust producer, who develops and sells only free-flow exhausts, each suited to the car's particular engine type.  The dimensions of the pipes and the inner silencer cores' are carefully determined in each application for the best results.
  8. With more than 45 years of knowledge and Supersprint's worldwide success of exhausts, their systems are the most copied in the business.  Not surprisingly, many of their competitors do not even own a dynamometer for measuring the performance of their products.
  9. All of the Supersprint exhausts are specifically suited to each specific car model, and guarantee an ideal blend of performance increase, reduction in exhaust backpressure, a nice sporty sound and legendary durability.
  10. Supersprint is the only manufacturer guaranteeing that all of its exhausts use premium quality stainless steel, offer a flawless fit into the car, and finally give a sporty, yet not offensively loud, sound.  The authentic ""TÜV approval"" found on our road legal systems guarantees just that, and this feature is acknowledged worldwide.
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