Stainless Works X-Pipe for 2011-14 Ford Mustang GT [S197] M11ORX M11X

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With the Stainless Works X-Pipes, increase your Mustang's airflow and performance

Benefits and Additional Info

  • Increased Power
  • Better Airflow
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Bolt-On Modification
  • Factory Connection


Model Connection X-Pipes Style Part Number
Mustang GT/Shelby GT500 2011+ Factory Off-Road M11ORX
Mustang GT/Shelby GT500 2011+ Factory Standard M11X

Stainless Works X-Pipes for Mustang GT, Off-Road Version

Stainless Works X-Pipes (Off-Road Version)

If you are looking for some quick and easy power out of your 2011+ Mustang GT, the Stainless Works X-Pipes cross over can help. Made from 304 Stainless Steel, the 3"" diameter X-Pipes replace the OEM H-Pipe. The Off-Road version connects to manifolds, replacing the catalytic converters as well. The standard version connects to factory catalytic converters. To ease the process of installation, the X-Pipes are bolt on, making this power upgrade a quick and easy installation.

Stainless Works X-Pipes, Standard Version

Stainless Works X-Pipes allow for better airflow (Standard Version Shown)

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What does an X-Pipe do?

Your Mustang's performance heavily relies on airflow. With the standard H-Pipe Crossover, airflow is restricted due to segregated pipes. The air flowing to your exhaust cannot freely distribute itself to allow maximum flow. The Stainless Works X-Pipes allow air flow to redistribute itself while heading out to the exhaust, allowing for maximum airflow. This small but impactful change can get more airflow running through your Mustang's system, thus increasing power and MPG.

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