BBK Performance X-Pipe for 2011-14 Ford Mustang GT [S197] 1460

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Better Airflow means better performance, the BBK Performance X-Pipe Can Help

Additional Info and Benefits

  • Horsepower and Torque Increase

  • Great Looks

  • CNC Mandrel-Bent

  • 3/8"" Laser Cut Flanges

  • New Gaskets, Hardware, and Instructions for installations are included

Make/Model Part Part Number
2011-14 Mustang GT X-Pipe 1460

BBK performance X-Pipe for the 2011+ Mustang GT

BBK Performance X-Pipe

Consistent airflow from intake through exhaust is necessary for high level performance, and the BBK Performance X-Pipe can help your 2011+ Mustang GT. Your standard cross-over connection pipe constricts airflow and does not allow your Mustang to perform at its highest level. The X-Pipe connects behinds the catalytic converter so it is smog legal, but still generates aftermarket performance. This X-Pipe is designed with CNC Mandrel-Bending techniques, and has a 2-3/4"" diameter.

Don't let your Mustang GT suffer due to bad airflow, pick up a BBK Performance X-Pipe and unleash your power today!
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X-Pipe v.s. OEM H-Pipe

The BBK Performance X-Pipe creates better airflow by allowing the air exiting towards the exhaust redistribute itself to whichever side is less used. In other words, when air gets clogged up on one side the excess air will crossover to the other side of the exhaust system, promoting optimal airflow and performance. It seems like a small modification, but airflow is ESSENTIAL to performance, and the fact that an after-cat mod makes it even better.

Installation Guide


If you are in the Southern California Area (or in need of a road trip), we can install the
BBK Performance X-Pipe for you!

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