Scorcher Module for 2012+ N20/N26 BMW 320i/328i/428i/528i/X1 [E84/F30/F10] by aFe Power

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Are you ready to get the most power out of your BMW F30 328i/F10 528i/X1?  aFe Power has come out with this Scorcher Module to do just that.  This kit is a direct plug and play kit and gives you instant power and torque throughout the entire RPM range.

If you are the BMW owner looking for power gains but not looking for problems related to tuning your N20 engine then this aFe Scorcher Module is the perfect tune for you!  aFe programmers and engineers spends thousands of hours to create this tuner so there would be no problems that other more radical tuners give you. This module is programmed from aFe to give you the perfect amount of extra boost that will not harm your N20 engine, however will adapt and add more when other modifications are added just as downpipes, exhaust and/or intake.

Put up to 52hp and 60lbs. x ft. torque to your N20/N26 today! The aFe Power SCORCHER Module is designed to alter the pressure sensor signals to increase turbo boost to an optimum level throughout the entire RPM range. The result is a harmonious balance between power, throttle response and drivability. This module provides a hassle-free installation with no cutting, drilling or splicing required during the 30 minute installation time. Factory electronic accessories are not affected by installing the Scorcher module.

  • Untraceable by the dealership
  • NO Limp Mode or Check Engine Lights
  • Power gains up to 52 whp and 60 wtq
  • Instant throttle response
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Safest tuner on the market
  • 2012+ BMW F30 320i (77-46303)
  • 2012+ BMW F30 328i N20/N26 (77-46303)
  • 2010+ BMW F10 528i N20 (77-46303)
  • 2011+ BMW  E84 X1 N20 (77-46303)


Direct Plug In Power:
This simple and safe plug and play module adds instant power by altering pressure sensor signals to increase boost to an optimum level throughout the entire RPM range.

Blue L.E.D. Power light:
This module comes with a built-in blue L.E.D. light to show your module is powered up and functioning correctly.

High Precision and Reliability:
Scorcher modules are 100% tested, have output protection on all signals and are built to a 0.1% tolerance on components in critical areas. Signal filtering is used for a smooth response. These modules work great on vehicles in stock trim but are optimized to maximum performance with use of aFe Power performance parts (intakes, filters, exhaust, etc.).

High Quality Materials:
aFe Scorcher modules use OE style ""all weather"" connectors which require no modification to your factory harness, providing a secure factory-style fit and hassle-free installation. The housing is constructed of aluminum with a hard coat black anodized finish and uses Automotive grade TXL wire with high heat and chemical resistance. Scorcher Modules come with a 2-year limited warranty.

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