Cobb Front Mount Intercooler & Charge Pipes for 2014-16 Ford Fiesta ST [Mk 7.5 JA8 ST180] 702500

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Cobb 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST Intercooler & Hot/Cold Chargepipes 701500


  • Cast Endtanks
  • 27.5inx6inx3in Core Bar Plate Core
  • 55% Larger Core Than Stock
  • 4-ply Black Silicone Couplers
  • 2.5"" Mandrel Bent Aluminum Tubing
  • Wrinkle Black Powdercoated Tubing
  • Works with Factory Bumper Beam
  • Chargepipes fit OEM & COBB FMIC
  • No Cutting or drilling required

Cobb IC
Core Dimensions:
27.5"" x 6"" x 3""
Core Volume:
495 in
52.6316% difference over OEM FiST IC
5.6075% difference over ATP IC

Stock FiST IC
Core Dimensions:
27.5"" x 5.25"" x 2""
Core Volume:
288.75 in





The COBB Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) for your Fiesta ST is the easiest way to drastically improve power when coupled with tuning from the Accessport. Even when stock, the factory FMIC can be overwhelmed with heatsoak. By using a 55% larger core with streamlined piping, your Fiesta ST will come alive with charge air temps up to 100 DEGREES COOLER.

You know that colder air makes more power - imagine how much of a difference a 100*F reduction will yield! And what's more, no more bogging on hot days!!

Installation is straightforward and can be done by the average enthusiast in a driveway over an afternoon or weekend. This FMIC requires no other modification for an easy installation with the included custom silicone adapters. Off the shelf maps are available for the Ford Fiesta ST AccessPORT so it's tuned, right out of the box!






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