aFe Pro-Guard D2 BMW Oil Filter (1996-2006 L6)

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Regular oil changes are a normal part of keeping your BMW in great running condition. aFe has been around for years making high quality filters you can trust. So why not put your trust into a name you can count on with this aFe BMW Oil Filter. This Pro-Guard D2 Oil Filter is designed to take any and all abuse. BMW's are finely tuned machines, so aFe wanted to out do BMW by increasing the flow capabilities, making it more efficient and at the same time filtering out smaller particles. This aFe BMW oil filter even comes with a built in seal for hassle free installation. Put your trust in aFe for every oil changes with this aFe Pro-Guard D2 BMW Oil Filter.

aFe Oil Filter Benefits

  • Increase in flow and efficiency
  • Will outlast the OEM filters, while enduring more abuse
  • Filters smaller particles then the OEM filter
  • Built in seal for hassle free installation
  • A BMW oil filter name you can trust

This aFe Pro-Guard D2 BMW Oil Filter fits all BMW's from 1996-2006 with the L6 Engine

BMW Chassis Model Part Number
E36 323i / 325i / 328i 44-LF022
E46 323i / 323Ci / 323ti / 325i / 325xi / 325Ci / 325ti / 328i / 330i / 330xi / 330Ci 44-LF022
E85/E86 Z4 2.2i / Z4 2.5i / Z4 3.0i 44-LF022
E39 525i / 528i / 530i 44-LF022
E36/7 &E36/8 Z3 2.2i / Z3 2.5i / Z3 2.8i / Z3 3.0i 44-LF022
E60/E61 525i / 525xi / 530i 44-LF022

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