No Longer Available - VisionX Halogen Replacement Bulbs E90/E91

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These Super White light bulbs feature a precision wound tungsten filament, blown glass globe, and an electrostatic coating to give them their renowned pure white beam. These bulbs are different from conventional halogen bulbs because they burn at the temperature of 4500k whereas standard halogen bulbs operate at a temperature less than 2800k. The result from having a higher operating temperature is a bright white light with a blue background that is noticeably sharper and brighter than standard halogen bulbs. These lights closely resemble HID lights and can be seen from miles away. With the addition of these bulbs to your vehicle you will also see more on allowing you to be safer on the road. All bulbs are sold in a pack of two.


  • Brighter than standard halogen bulbs
  • Visible further away than other halogen bulbs
  • HID appearance
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Consumes 30% less power than standard halogen bulbs

E90/E91 Fitment/ Bulb Sizing Chart

Model Low Beam High Beam Fog Light
E90 Sedan 2006+ H7* H7* H11
E90 Sedan 2006+ (M-Sport front bumper) H7* H7* 9006
E91 Wagon 2006+ H7* H7* H11
E91 Wagon 2006+ (M-Sport front bumper) H7* H7* 9006

*ONLY if your E90/E91 has halogen bulbs, please ensure your car does NOT have HID bulbs before ordering low and high beam bulbs.

Save yourself the hassle of ever replacing your halogen bulbs again. VisionX halogen bulbs will last your car throughout its lifetime, and therefore they come with a lifetime warranty.

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