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No Longer Available - TiTek N54 Charge Pipe for 2007-13 BMW 135i/335i [E82/E90/E92] (HKS SSQV)

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Are you ready to take your BMW the next level in turbo performance and technology?  HKS has developed a new blowoff valve to handle modern day boost levels with an all new design that is just as advanced as your N54 engine.  The blowoff valve will not only give you added horsepower and torque gains, but will also add much needed efficiency from the stock restrictive turbo system.  It is designed to be very user friendly with an easy to do install and billet aluminum construction, to give it that added look as well as make it durable and heat resistant. HKS uses a 3 fin design to give your BMW a powerful and unique aggressive blow off sound that will have peoples' heads turning.  Do not pass up the chance to release your turbos and bring your BMW to the next step in performance.

Note: This blowoff valve is not compatible with the stock diverter valve. You also need a charge pipe in order to be installed.

TitekUSA Blow-Off Valve Kit
The TitekUSA Blow-Off Valve kit for the BMW 07+ 335i has one goal, prevent compressor surge. Compressor surge happens when the butterfly plate of a turbocharged engine closes and the remaining air is fed back into the turbocharger’s compressor housing creating resistance against the turbine. Compressor surge not only decreases the spool of a turbo but can also damage its center cartridge. TitekUSA has designed this Blow-Off Valve kit for the BMW 335i in conjunction with the HKS SSQV (Super Sequential Blow Off Valve) to prevent compressor surge by venting the excess pressure when a throttle plate closes to improve spool-up and longevity while maintaining the OEM BMW factory fit, quality, and finish.

This Titek BOV Kit replaces the stock diverter valve, with this charge pipe (below), that is now compatible with the HKS SSQV.

Kit Includes

  • Charge Pipe

  • HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve

  • All needed hardware (everything in the picture below)    

  • BMW 2007-2010 335i/xi


Why Choose the HKS Blow Off Valve?
The HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve (SSQV) has a dual stage pull type relief valve.  HKS has perfected their design and is far more superior to other similar blowoff valves on the market, which have a push type relief valve.  The SSQV because it is a pull type will not leak under any condition including high boost or under vacuum.  The way HKS has designed this valve it can not physically leak under any level of boost, because the boost pressure actually pushes the valve closed against the seal.

The HKS relief valve is not activated by boost pressure nor the amount of vacuum; it is actuated by pressure sensors, which gives the valve an efficient and quick release of boost and complete closure during idle. Other blowoff valves utilize a large valve, which gives the blowoff valve the capability of handling high boost pressures, however with such a large valve the relief response is very slow and require very high pressure for them to activate. On the other hand, other blowoff valves using a smaller, faster responding valve tend to leak under high boost level loads.

HKS has found a way to get the best of both worlds into one blowoff valve.  The SSQV utilizes a small valve for a quick relief response, as well as a large secondary valve to handle high boost pressures.  The HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve is designed to open the small valve under light throttle and load conditions.  The secondary large valve will only open under heavy throttle and load conditions.  This design type gives the
HKS blowoff valve the edge over all others, with both, a quick blowoff
response and the ability to handle as much boost as your BMW can handle.









HKS Blowoff Valve Installed in a BMW 335i

HKS Blow Off Valve History
In 1994, HKS introduced the first Sequential Blow-Off Valve that blazed the auto industry with a unique pull-type sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system. This advanced system allowed for a broad operation range from low to high boost. This pull-type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of boost pressure.

Super SQV 3 features include a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve, which is swaged to the primary valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing and durability. To assure buyers that they are purchasing an authentic HKS product, the new design incorporates a holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve, as well as additional HKS logos cast onto the body structure.

The Super SQV 3 utilizes the same mounting flanges as all previous generation SSQV's to assure compatibility with all optional HKS SSQV inserts, recirculation fittings and recirculation kits.


  • Dual stage pull type relief valve that will not leak

  • Constructed with billet aluminum

  • Holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve

  • Nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve

  • Powerful and unique aggressive blow off sound

  • Same mounting flanges as all previous generation SSQV's

  • Inserts available to alter the sound or appearance of your SSQV


  • Can not physically leak under any level of boost

  • Maximizes efficiency of the turbo system

 Part Number Application  Color 
71007-AK001 All Silver

What is the difference between a blowoff valve and a diverter valve?

Your stock N54 engine is equipped with a small restrictive diverter valve. The diverter valve actually diverts the compressed air back into the turbos, recycling the old air.  Benefits to a diverter valve is that there is guaranteed no leakage, however you are losing horsepower by reusing the old compressed air, and actually putting more strain onto your turbos, reducing their life.  Most people decide to just upgrade the diverter valve, decreasing the restriction, and to make sure there is no boost leakage, however you are still reusing the old air.  Blowoff valves are by far more efficient however their downfall is that most leak, still reducing the systems efficiency.  HKS has solved this problem with their Super Sequential Blowoff Valve that utilizes a dual stage pull type relief valve.  With this it is physically impossible for this blowoff valve to leak, giving your turbo maximum efficiency, which means more horsepower to the rear wheels.

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