RS-R Springs for Scion FRS

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The RS-R Lowering Springs for Scion FRS are designed with your cars suspension, looks and performance in mind.  This means that the RS-R springs for your car are properly designed to enhance the factory handling characteristics and ensure that improving looks aren't the only thing changed when lowering your car.

RS-R has created two types of lowering springs, the Down Sus and the Super Down.

RS-R Down Sus provides a lowered stance vs factory, and improves handling to fulfill the needs of increased handling and looks. 

While the RS-R Super Down lowering springs lowers your car even more than the Down Sus, making for an aggressive look and feel.

Whether you choose Down Sus or the Super Down, know that RS-R is committed to providing comfort and performance that is matched to your vehicles characteristics-which factor in the suspension geometry, shock dampening, spring rate and ride height.  This dedication that RS-R takes helps to establish comfort and performance that was made specifically with your vehicle in mind.

RS-R Lowering Spring Benefits
  • Down Sus or Super Down to get achieve the look you want
  • Designed with your vehicles suspension geometry in mind for best performance and optimal looks
  • Increased handling
  • Improved looks


Swift Spec R springs
Model Year Front Spring Rate Rear Spring Rate Front Drop Rear Drop Part Number
FRS Down Sus 2013+ 2.82Kg/mm or 158lbs/inch 4.49Kg/mm or 251lbs/inch 15mm/0.6 Inch 15mm/0.6 Inch T065D
FRS Super Down 2013+ 3.16Kg/mm or 177lbs/inch 4.49Kg/mm or 251lbs/inch 30mm/1.2 Inch 35mm/1.4 Inch T065S

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