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No Longer Available - REMUS Sport Exhaust System for 2008-12 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] With Connecting Tubes

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We Price Match!

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We'll match or beat any competitor's price!

Some restrictions and exclusions apply.

Please see our full Price Match Policy for details.

remus new tip logo

NOTE: As of January 2022, Remus has changed the logo on the tips from "REMUS Wolf" to an "/R or /REMUS" insignia. All current and future orders will have the newer style logos on the tips. Website photos may not be reflective of the current design."

WARNING: product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm.
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Remus E9X M3 Exhaust Benefits
  • Blow Other M3's Away with 10 hp increase
  • Sounds Effing Sick with Deep, Throaty, V8 Signature Exhaust Sound
  • Enhances your M3's appearance with much sexier Carbon Fiber Trimmed Tips
  • Break Necks and Make People Take Notice Whenever You Arrive
  • 2008-12 E92 M3
  • 2008-12 E90 M3 (Sport only)





  • 2 Remus Mufflers + Connecting Pipes
  • All necessary mounting equipment

The Remus Exhaust System features a straight through muffler, reducing backpressure by an amazing 63%. Remus mufflers reduce exhaust weight by 10 lbs., while still showing an increase of 10 horsepower on the dyno. No need to worry about fitment; as Remus mufflers will fit your M3 PERFECTLY, and use same mounting points as stock. All Remus Mufflers are constructed from 303 stainless steel to ensure your exhaust never rusts and lasts as long as your vehicle will. Give your E90/E92 M3 that deep, aggressive Remus exhaust note, while not being overly loud, with a perfect fitting Remus Exhaust. Available in Axle-Back, Cat Back and Full Race Header Back Configurations to suit.



Sport vs. Race
The Remus E92 M3 exhaust system is available in either ""sport"" or ""race."" The race version is louder, as it ""screams"" at high RPMs. All performance figures noted about are based from the sport exhaust, with the race version boasting decreased backpressure and increase horsepower and torque.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (25)

Street Race Tips w/ Connecting Tubes + Aftermarket X-Pipe


Racing Tube (X-Pipe) Options
An available option for the Remus Exhaust is the Racing Tubes (X-Pipe). The connecting pipes connect directly to the Remus muffler and either to your stock middle section, or the Racing Tubes if you choose to upgrade to those. To ensure correct fitment and maximum performance, cutting is required for the the X-Pipes/Racing Tubes. Purchase both the Connecting Pipes and the Racing Tubes for the ultimate Remus Exhaust System!

Racing Tubes (X-Pipe):

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (7)

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (11)

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (12)

Carbon Race Tips:




Street Race Tips:





BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (24)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (41)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (28)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (30)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (11)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (12)

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (13)



BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (4)

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (3)

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (6)

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (2)

Angled Tips:







Why Remus Exhaust?

  • World's largest manufacturer of aftermarket automobile sport exhaust; I.S.O. 9001 and T.U.V. approved O.E.M. supplier to BMW, Mercedes, AMG, Porsche, Ducati, allowing them access to shared CAD files for fully automated quick and accurate fitment. As well, back pressure calculations and sound testing in a highly sophisticated audio dyno room. Our dyno results as an O.E.M. supplier must be accurate. Dyno results are 'bolt on' only, with no complimentary modifications.
  • Robotic MIG and/or TIG welds that are thicker and stronger. Since moving into automated robotic welding, weld failures have become a thing of the past.
  • An appealing appearance that doesn't scream to the authorities, ""Hey look at me, I'm a Race System,"" but indeed, performs like one.
  • Full 303 stainless steel construction in bodies and tubing, 416 stainless steel tips; every unit specific with regards to back pressure, sound requirements and fitment.
  • Deep throaty Remus sound in all systems allowing the power and efficiency to be released. Horsepower increase equals efficiency increase, so fuel mileage is enhanced as well.
  •  Three year unlimited mileage warranty. If there ever is a warranty claim, Remus will replace the product & pay $40.00 per hour for labor.



If you have any questions about these Remus Exhausts please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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