REMUS Sport Exhaust for 2016+ BMW M240i [F22] (089016 1500)

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REMUS F22 Axleback Catback Installed M240i
    • Dual 4"" exhaust tips give your car an aggressive performance look
  • Stand out from the crowd with various exhaust tip options
  • Turn heads with the specially tuned racing sound from this exhaust


    • Aggressive racing sound

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Light weight construction
  • Handmade in Austria
  • Valved using factory actuator for quiet cruising


    • 2016+ BMW M240i [F22]

  • 2016+ BMW M240i xDrive [F22]



The Remus ehxaust system for BMW M240i is a great way to liven up your car and set it apart from others of its kind. Choose between either an Axle-back for enhanced exhaust tone, or go for the full Cat-back for improved flow and excellent power gains. With the Axle-back you will be getting roughly 4-5 hp on average, the addition of the high flow front section (pictured right) or the resonated front section (not pictured) will give you another 10 hp for a total gain of 15 hp (see dyno chart below).


In addition to the suspstantial power gains, this exhaust will give you a crisp sound and an aggressive look. Elect for the optional Carbon Fiber exhaust tips for an added performance accent, or stick with stainless steel for the classic look. Any way you choose you're getting a quality exhaust you can be proud of.

REMUS F22 Catback M240i racing front section 089016-0000



Exhaust Tip Styles


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