Premium One Disc Rotor for 1999-2006 BMW 3-Series [E46]

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Why Choose ATE PremiumOne™?
Be safe and make the right decision with ATE PremiumOne™ rotors!

ATE will meet your demands! ATE PremiumOne™ rotors offer original equipment quality with premium features that add convenience and enhance performance!

Your demands for performance includes the control of the car and coming to a safe stop in critical situations. During this long and repetitive process of braking; gases, dirt, water, and debris are produced from friction which builds up excessive amounts of heat in the rotors and pads; thus, the braking performance of your car is drastically reduced! The ATE PremiumOne™ rotor continuous groove consistently dissipates this trapped heat and diverts the debris and particles; in return, the brakes will respond better and your performance vehicle will perform at its best! Furthermore, the cleaning effect ensures score-free, even wear, resulting in increased durability. This optimal braking performance is guaranteed by the ATE PremiumOne™ to meet your braking performance demands.

Each rotor is sold individually.
Note: front left & right rotors have same specifications. rear left & rear right rotors have the same specifications as well.
Please specify your selection of rear or front rotors in the purchase menu above.

Benefits of ATE PremiumOne™ rotors!

Sporty look - and one-glance wear detection!
Helps technicians and vehicle owners gauge rotor thickness at a glance, and notice when they are due for replacement.

Brake like the pros: with the ATE PremiumOne™ you bank on motor sports-proven technology and enhance the sporting appearance of your car. Moreover, the multifunctional groove furnishes a reliable indication of brake disc wear: if the groove is worn to the point that it is no longer visible, it's time to replace the disc. Complicated disassembly and measuring tools belong to the past.

Simple installation without costly cleaning!

Conventional brake discs must be cleaned with environmentally harmful substances before being installed. The corrosion protection of the ATE PremiumOne™ remains on the disc, but does not involve the usual risk of permanently impairing stopping power. For you, this means shorter fitting time yet optimal braking results.

  • Best brake power at all times owing to the revolutionary multifunctional groove
  • Safe braking also on wet pavement
  • Short fitting time, no prior cleaning
  • Wear detection at one glance, without having to dismantle anything
  • Sporty look - especially with open rims
  • Fits and performs like or better than the Original Equipment it replaces

Please Read:
Brake components should be installed by a competent mechanic in a professional manner. Any incorrect installation of brake components can cause a major safety problem or an accident. If you are not a qualified mechanic you should not attempt to install this product, but should take the vehicle to a dealer or a qualified automotive mechanic for installation.

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