No Longer Available - Powerflex Urethane Rear Suspension Bushings E39 BMW 5-Series

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Improve your E39's handling by replacing your stock, worn out rear rubber bushings with Powerflex Urethane Bushings. Powerflex bushings will not only improve your car's handling, but also prolong tire life. Powerflex bushings will get rid of your vehicles sloppy handling due to corroded rubber bushings, making every aspect of your E39's handling more precise, and sure footed. Improve your car's handling drastically with the addition of Powerflex Urethane Suspension Bushings.  Plus, as the rear bushings in your car wear out, this can allow for wheelhop-causing a nasty shake to the chassis and possibly breaking suspension parts, driveshafts, axels and transmissions! 

Rear Subframe chassis mounts use PFR5-521 and PFR5-523 which fit into the original bushings reducing movement of the subframe.

When your original subframe bushings are worn or damaged, Powerflex PFR5-520 and PFR5-522 bushings replace the actual factory bushings.  These offer a positive location of the subframe, reducing movement under hard cornering and under WOT loads.  They are supplied with aluminum sleeves with a counter bore to fit the bushings into the chassis.

PFR5-524 Rear Diff Front Mounting Bushings are the new option for E39 models to replace the differential to subframe mounts, reducing movement in the drive train offering a more responsive feel when driving. These come with stainless steel sleeves and support washers.  This part replaces original BMW part number 33171090389 for E39 Sedan and Touring models and fits against a flat mounting face of the diff as opposed to the Powerflex existing diff mount option PFR5-525 that locates onto a spigot on the diff. 

PFR5-531 Rear Subframe Mounting Bushing Inserts fit into and fill voids in the original rubber bushing. These are very easy to fit and are designed to reduce labor and provide stability to the rear subframe. 

If the original bushings are worn or damaged then PFR5-530 Rear Subframe Mounting Bushings offer a replacement for BMW part number33311094036 found in Touring models. These offer a positive location of the subframe, reducing movement under hard acceleration and cornering.  In addition, CNC machined aluminium sleeves with a counter bore to locate the bushing onto the chassis spigots are included.

All Powerflex bushings come with an internal knurled bore which is designed to retain grease and provide free rotation of the stainless steel sleeve, ensuring your suspension can work its best. 

  • Improves handling
  • Increased life of suspension parts
  • Improved ride quality
  • Decreases the chance of developing ""clunking"" due to chassis aging
  • Prolonged tire life
  • Improved stability during braking

*All bushings are sold in pairs.

Item Fitment Part Number
Rear Subframe Mounting Front Insert 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-251
Rear Subframe Mounting Rear Insert 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-523
Rear Subframe Front Mounting Bushing 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-520
Rear Subframe Rear Mounting Bushing 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-522
Rear Differential Front Mount Bushing 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-525
Rear Differential Rear Mount Bushing 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-526
Rear Diff Front Mounting Bushing 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-524
Rear Subframe mounting Bushing Insert 1997-2003 E39 PFR5-531
Rear Subframe Mounting bushing E39 Touring Models ONLY PFR5-530
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