No Longer Available - No Longer Available - Solo Performance Pontiac G8 V8 High-Flow Catalytic Converters

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Solo Performance Pontiac G8 V8 C

Solo Performance Pontiac G8 V8 Catalytic Converters

The HUGE amount of air flow that these Solo Performance cats open up on your Pontiac G8 V8 is astounding!  They are made completely out of stainless steel for that signature Solo Performance durability that you want and the eternal shine that makes your exhaust system look brand new throughout the life of your car.  The most impactful quality of these converters is the difference in sound compared to stock cats.  The faster air release allows for a louder and more full sound that almost sounds like your Pontiac G8 is unleashing the beast inside of its muscular V8 motor!  These cats will give you everything you want and more for a price that is miniscule in comparison to the amount of performance and aggressive sound you will experience. 

Solo Performance prides itself in endless amounts of tests on their products before they let them hit the market.  They want their customers to be overjoyed instead of just satisfied with their products.  And trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised the instant you turn your key.  The sound is not only loud, but clean and full, unlike the annoying rasp and tinny noise you get from most other undeveloped exhaust parts.  Solo Performance ensures your happiness with their products, and it shows with their prices, quality, materials, and most importantly, their unbeatable sound.  So if you're looking to boost the sound and performance of your Pontiac G8 V8, then look no further and grab your Solo Performance cats from ModBargains right away! 

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Solo Performance Catalytic Converters


  • Head-turning sound for an awesome price!
  • 100% Stainless steel construction
  • Performance bump
  • No annoying drone, talk on the freeway!
  • No CEL (Check Engine Light) Problems
  • Works great with almost all tunes


  • Completely bolt-on
  • O2 sensor extension in two rear ports
  • 1 3/4"" inlets, 2 1/2"" outlets
  • laser cut stainless flanges
  • heavy duty flex pipe
  • ""200 cell"" stainless steel wool converters
Part Number Part Name Make Model Year
Pass: C24110 Driver: C24111 Solo Performance Catalytic Converters Pontiac G8 V8 2008-2009

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Solo Performance Guarantees Quality, Great Looks, and An Amazing Sound! Take A Look At These Photos And See What They're Really About!

Solo Performance Catalytic Converters VS Stock Solo Performance Catalytic Converters Substrate Flow
Solo Performance Catalytic Converters 200 Cells Pontiac G8 V8 Stock Filtration

Have any questions on the Solo Performance Pontiac G8 V8 Catalytic Converters? Please call Modbargains @: (714)-582-3330

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