No Longer Available - Front Spoiler for 2010+ BMW 5-Series [F10] 3D Style (FRP)

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BMW F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler

Are you looking to add an aggressive and sporty look to your BMW F10 5 Series and get real aerodynamic performance in a carbon fiber package?  Well the 3D Style Front Spoiler is exactly what you are looking for.  When it comes down to it, this spoiler is the best in FRP constructed exterior parts.  It is extremely rigid because of its true FRP construction to give it the stiffness needed for durability and performance.  A spoiler like this is not just for show.  It improves downforce at high speeds and gives you more grip in the corners where you really need it. 

If most FRP products sit out in the sun, they will do one of two things.  They will either yellow and start to rot from all of the direct sunlight, or the paint coat will peel right off and leave the actual spoiler unprotected from the elements.  With this 3D Style Front Spoiler, you get a UV protective coating that ensures that your spoiler gives you the look and performance from day one all the way through the rest of your car's life.  Now that's how a carbon fiber product should be!

So if you're interested in getting a 3D Style Front Spoiler for your BMW F10 5 Series, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330 to make an order and schedule a time for an installation.

  • Super strong FRP construction
  • Real aerodynamic performance
  • More grip at high speed
  • Will last the life of your car
  • 3D style front spoiler
  • Precise FRP design
  • Protected with UV coat
  • Professionally crafted
NOTE: Like all Carbon Fiber and FRP products on the market, this product must be test fitted & prepped before installing it. Often, slight modifications are required such as trimming, sanding, filing, or smoothing the surface in order to get best fitment and appearance. This is NOT an OEM product, fitment will NOT always be perfect straight out of the box. We recommend having this product installed by a company that has experience working with AFTERMARKET body kit pieces, not a standard collision repair center that only works on insurance claims. Images below show an accurate representation of THIS PRODUCT, properly installed by a professional installer. We also install this product at our own installation facility in southern California.

BMW F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler
BMW F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler Off Car
BMW F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler Front Passenger
BMW F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler Front Driver

Interested in the F10 5 Series 3D Style Front Spoiler? Give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330

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