Ford Racing Shifter GT for Mustang 2011+

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Extend your transmission life
Extend your transmission life, have shorter throw, and add some style with the Ford Racing Shifter GT now offers the Ford Racing Shifter GT for the 6-Speed 2011+ Mustang GT. This shifter provides a shorter throw between shifts, lowering your shift time and getting you into gear faster than an OEM shifter. The shifter is constructed with blue anodized billet aluminum, and includes a white shifter knob with the Ford Racing Logo.

*Only fits vehicles that originally have a leather shifter knob. WILL NOT fit those originally equipped with aluminum knob.

Ford Racing Shifter GT now offered by

Ford Racing Shifter GT for the 2011+ Mustang GT

Benefits and Additional Info

  • Transmission Life Prolonged

  • Shorter Shifter Throw

  • Classic Muscle White Shifter Knob

  • Blue Anodized Handle

  • More Precise Gear Changes

  • Urethane Bushings

Installation Guide

Make/Model Part Part Number
Mustang GT 2011+ Ford Racing Shifter GT M-7210-MGTB

Included with Item

  • One (1) Short Throw Shifter Assembly

  • All Necessary Hardware for Installation

  • Instructions for Installation

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