Cobb Exhaust Hangers for 2013-15 Focus ST (591001)

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Cobb 2014-15 Ford Focus ST Exhaust Hangers



  • Kit of 4 Hangers
  • Reduces Unwanted Movement of Exhaust System
  • Ideal for ANY Brand Exhaust for Focus ST
Cobb Exhaust Hangars for 2014+ Fiesta ST (501001)





To help reduce excessive exhaust movement that can lead to the occasional rattle or rubbing, Cobb offers highly durable urethane exhaust hangers which are an exact replacement for the factory units. The urethane mounts are much more rigid than the soft, factory rubber mounts and come in handy when your exhaust system occasionally taps the sub-frame or exhaust tunnel during aggressive driving.


Here's what our ST Specialist Nick had to say:
Since this car is my personal daily-driver, it was important to me that I find an exhaust that I could love and live with daily, that my significant other wouldn’t hate either. While I loved my Cobb exhaust, it moved around a lot. The COBB Exhaust Hangers for Fiesta ST and Focus ST alike will keep your exhaust still, right where you want it. I recommend exhaust Hangers for ANY exhaust system for Focus ST or Fiesta ST.


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