No Longer Available - Cobb AccessPORT V2 ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

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A Message from Alan@ModBargains, Sales:
""The first thing I would like to say about the COBB AccessPort is that I have it installed on my own BMW E92 335i and I absolutely love it! First off, the installation is a breeze. It takes only minutes and is just about as easy as it gets. The COBB AccessPort comes with truly great technology that is easy to update and easy to use. The best analogy I can use is that COBB has achieved what Apple achieved when it released the first iPhone. This product is setting a new standard in the BMW market in terms of ease of use with great performing features.""

""The performance is incredible! My car has never felt faster, and I have had other types of tuning software on my car before. Not only is it quick & fast, but more importantly the power is delivered SMOOTHLY throughout the entire powerband. There is no herky-jerky feel to this product. The car pulls hard with no hiccups through the entire RPM range. If you’re looking for a great way to increase the performance on your car, I highly recommend the COBB AccessPort.""

Unleash hidden power within your BMW 135i, 1M, 335i/xi/is, 535i/xi, or Z4 with the Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner. The Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash simply replaces conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations that result in impressive gains in torque and horsepower while still maintaining a high degree of safety for your N54 engine. The tuning is extremely flexible and allows you to choose on the fly one of the performance maps that are loaded onto the AccessPORT. If you are looking to extract the most out of your N54 the AccessPORT even allows for custom mapping. Typical performance gains from the Cobb AccessPORT are increases of 30% peak horsepower and an amazing 38% increase in peak torque. This tune is an ECU flash, not a piggy-back tuner, there will be no added devices to your vehicle's ECU with the Cobb AccessPORT.

Features & Advantages
  • Up horsepower by 30% (approximately 100 horsepower)
  • Increase torque by 38% (approximately 120 Ft./lbs)
  • ECU flash, not a piggy-back tune
  • Installs in minutes using easy to use AcessPORT interface
  • Installs via OBDII connector, no tools required
  • Grows and changes as your modifications do
  • Uninstalls in minutes to return your ECU to stock configuration
  • Conveniently log data values for up to 10 hours without a bulky laptop
  • Integrated performance tools to record 0-60 times, 1/4 ET & trap speed
  • Intuitive DTC code reading to help diagnose issues
  • Easily clear ECU codes
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Downloadable free performance maps as released
Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

Customer Dyno
345whp & 384wtq

Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

Cobb NOW Includes a Zipper Case with a purchase of a Cobb AccessPORT.

Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001) Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)
Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001) Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

Customer Reviews
Mine is a stock 2008 e90 335i. I previously had a JB+ installed and I thought I was happy with it, until I came across the COBB Accessport and I was immediately drawn in to the idea of not having to mess around with the electronics of the car and having to uninstall hardware every time I went to the dealer. Another bonus for me was the fact that the unit comes with free future upgrades of maps, because I did not want to buy a piece of hardware and it becoming obsolete a few months down the road through the release of a newer, better one. So I took the bath and bought it. Thanks again to Alan at for the great assistance and hooking me up with a great deal on this unit.

So I loaded the map for 93 octane and went for a spin... all I can say is holy crap! This car is a beast now! I cannot believe that this kind of power has been ""reserved"" in this car and the COBB was able to unleash it. Power delivery is smooth, and I had no trouble driving in wife-in-car mode, but push that accelerator down just a tad more and watch out! I have trouble keeping the rubber on the road now so I guess I will be looking for some new tires pretty soon, as the stock run-flats are clearly not up to the task any more.

Great job COBB and Alan at Happy customer here!

Oh, and anyone coming from a JB+ or stock car and not being totally blown away by this tune needs to get their butt-dyno examined.

Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my Cobb AcessPORT. Alan took time to answer all my questions and was helpful. I appreciate what you did for me!

Just ordered my Cobb AccessPORT! Alan was very patient as I had many questions about the technology compared to everything else out there. He was objective in his explanation, and answered any questions I had. Great price on a great product I'm sure. I just can't wait to get in and put it to work! Will definitely do business with them again.

I LOVE my Cobb. The car is now amazingly quick, and I've seen an improvement in MPG. Thanks again, you've been a pleasure to deal with.
- Alex N.

""I also bought the AccessPORT from Alan at ModBargains, he definitely hooks it up after looking around it was the best deal! I am completely satisfied with the AccessPORT the gains are amazing I highly recommend.""

I received my Cobb tuner unit and promptly installed in onto my 335i immediately after taking the box from the hand of the mailman. Wow - what an amazing difference this unit makes! I am absolutely floored by the amount of extra HP and torque lying dormant inside my stock engine all this time. I love that it’s very simple to install, there are no hardware changes to mess with, and everything easily reverts back to stock configuration in minutes. I mounted the handheld unit on my dash so I can use the neat live data monitoring features. Absolutely the best money I’ve spent yet on my car. Thanks for your help!
- Matt D.

Alan hooked me up with an UNBEATABLE price on a new Cobb AP. I cant wait to install! I'll be in contact with you very very shortly on a M3 rep front bumper! Thanks for the easy transaction. If anyone is looking for the best price out there call this guy, although im sure most of you know that already

""The day before the rally my girlfriend suggested I just buy a AP, use it for the day, and give someone a deal on the forums. I gave ModBargains a call. They sold me the AP at the same 1addicts price I bought my first one and Gilbert even delivered it to my hotel when I got in at 10PM. I installed the tune, drove the car in the event and ended up actually winning a set of HRE wheels. Might have been the best weekend ever. I can't give enough thanks to Gilbert and Modbargains for really going out of their way to get me my purchase. I don't think any vender of anything I have ever purchased in my life have gone that out of their way for me.""

U.S. & European vehicles
  • 2008-2010 BMW 135i
  • 2007-2010 BMW 335i/xi/xDrive
  • 2011-2012 BMW 335is
  • 2008-2010 BMW 535i/xi/xDrive
  • 2009-2011 Z4i/Z4is
  • 2011 1M


  • Read error codes
  • Clear error codes
  • Reset ECU
Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)
The Cobb AccessPORT for your 135i, 335i/xi, or 535i/xi, 1M, or Z4 can monitor all of the following values. Monitors in bold indicate a default logging value.

Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

Dyno Chart

Cobb AccessPORT ECU Flash Tuner BMW N54 135i/335i/535i/1M/Z4 (AP-BMW-001)

Important Note - Occasionally an ""Unrecognized ROM"" will be discovered during the AccessPORT Install process. If an ""Unrecognized ROM"" is encountered, the user will be prompted to dump the ROM using the onboard Dump ROM tool built into the AccessPORT. Simple step-by-step instructions for dumping an ""Unrecognized ROM"" can be found here. The ROM is then emailed to COBB Tuning and incorporated into the firmware. COBB Tuning will make every effort to incorporate these new ROMs as quickly as possible. This process can take up to five business days. See the ""Supported ROMs"" Tab above for a complete list on what ROMs are currently supported.

Installation for the Cobb AccessPORT for the N54 is a breeze, and does not require any tools or computers. Below is a simple installation tutorial. For more tutorials on using the Cobb AccessPORT see the ""Tutorials"" tab at the top of the listing.


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