No Longer Available - Cobb 2.5in Turbo-Back Exhaust for 2014+ Fiesta ST (501301)

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Cobb 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Turbo-Back Exhaust System


Part of the COBB Stage 3 Package for the Fiesta ST, COBB's Stainless Steel Dual Tip Turbo-Back Exhaust System for the Ford Fiest ST is a complete replacement turbo-back exhaust that boasts full 304 stainless steel construction, custom inline mufflers, and dual 3.5"" single wall slashcut tips, paired perfectly with a catted high flow downpipe for maximum performance. This cleverly engineered setup results in a drone-free, unique exhaust note and offers one of the quieter exhaust options for the Fiesta ST. Perfectly tuned out of the box with the AccessPORT and ready-to-run with straightforward installation!

Note: You will have to cut your OEM Exhaust in order to remove it from the car without totally dismantling the rear subframe.




  • 2.5"" 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual 3.5"" Slash Cut Tips
  • Custom Single Muffler Layout
  • CNC Mandrel Bend Tubing
  • Works with Stock or COBB Downpipe
  • Part of the Fiesta ST Stage II & III Packages


Here's what our ST Specialist Nick had to say:
Since this car is my personal daily-driver, it was important to me that I find an exhaust that I could love and live with daily, that my significant other wouldn’t hate either. The COBB Turbo-Back Exhaust system for Fiesta ST will really wake up your Fiesta ST’s performance and also delivers a great exhaust note that cracks and pops (in a good way) when you engine brake.









  • Cast/Machined turbo flange
  • Full 304SS Construction
  • 4"" Flex Section
  • 200 Cell Count Metal Spun Catalytic Converter
  • 3” 304SS Up to Catalytic Converter, 2.5” 304SS From Flex to Flange




The COBB Stainless Steel Catted Downpipe for the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is a direct replacement unit which features full 304 stainless steel construction, billet machined turbo flange and a high quality metal spun catalytic converter. All of these features combine into an excellent replacement for the power robbing factory unit!

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