Bootlid/Trunk Lid for 2007-12 BMW 3 Series & M3 [E92] (FRP) Amuse Ericcson Style

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Spice up the rear end appearance of your E92 3 series or M3 with this Amuse Ericsson Style Bootlid FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). This bootlid is a full replacement for your existing trunk and makes a great appearance addition to any E92, in addition to allowing for weight saving over the stock metal trunk. The E92 Amuse Ericsson Style Bootlid is available in FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).

Improve the appearance of your E92 while decreasing weight with the E92 Amuse Ericsson Style Bootlid.

NOTE: Like all Carbon Fiber and FRP products on the market, this product must be test fitted & prepped before installing it. Often, slight modifications are required such as trimming, sanding, filing, or smoothing the surface in order to get best fitment and appearance. This is NOT an OEM product, fitment will NOT always be perfect straight out of the box. We recommend having this product installed by a company that has experience working with AFTERMARKET body kit pieces, not a standard collision repair center that only works on insurance claims. Images below show an accurate representation of THIS PRODUCT, properly installed by a professional installer. We also install this product at our own installation facility in southern California.

If you have any questions about the E92 Amuse Ericsson Style Bootlid feel free to give us a call at: (714) 582-3330.

  • Ultra lightweight & race quality strength
  • Retains the use of factory screws
  • Full replacement
  • Lighter than OEM trunk
  • Uses OEM carpets, tool kit, and lights
  • E92 2007-2012 E92 Coupe & E92 M3

What Finish is Right For Me?

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) - Fiber Reinforced Plastic is great for anyone who is looking to improved the appearance of their vehicle but is also on a budget. FRP is a great choice if you are planning to paint the entire E92 Amuse Ericsson Style Bootlid

Installation  E92 Amuse Style Bootlid is classified as medium difficultly. It is recommended that you have hands on experience if you are attempting to install the bootlid. Installation will require typical tools such as allen wrenches, screw drivers and sockets.

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