AWE Tuning Intercooler Heat Exchanger for 2014+ BMW M3/M4 [F80/F82] (4510-11080)

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What's a Heat Exchanger and WHY do I need one?

Your F8X will produce 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque from the factory. Add additional performance, and you’re susceptible to higher intake air temperatures (IATs). Higher power can mean higher intake air temperatures, and insufficiently cooled air entering the F8X motor will decrease its performance potential.
The stock charge cooler system rapidly heat soaks when subject to power pulls at 30 second intervals. By the sixth pull, IATs have climbed to over 130°F! In other words, without an upgraded heat exchanger, you’re susceptible to heat soak, giving up some of the gains you’ve made from other aftermarket power upgrades.

So what IS the heat exchanger? Is it an intercooler?
Not exactly. Your M3/M4's S55 engine features what we call an ""air-to-water"" intercooler, whereas the older N54/N55's had an ""Air-to-Air"" intercooler. This means that water runs through the intercooler to help cool the air charge even faster than an air-to-air system. Water goes through the intercooler and gets heated up, then it gets sent to the factory heat exchanger, which is like a little radiator for your air-to-water intercooler. In true BMW fashion however, the BMW engineers put in a heat exchanger that's just way too small for the job at hand and gets overwhelmed by the kind of driving you'd do having fun on your favorite twisty road. Pretty ridiculous, right?


AWE Tuning F80/F82 M3 & M4 ColdFront Heat Exchanger Benefits

     • 24.4% increase in frontal surface area
     • 125% increase in fluid volume
     • Massive Reduction in Heat Soak
     • Designed and torture tested on the AWE Tuning M4
     • Max Intake Air Temperature (IAT) drop of 15°F
     • Allows Your M3/M4 To Perform to Its Full Potential
     • Easy installation - uses factory mounts
     • 1 year limited warranty


-1 L BMW Coolant (BMW PN# 8214209769)

  AWE Tuning 997.2TT 911 Porsche modbargains modauto 4510-11044

AWE Tuning F80/F82 M3 & M4 ColdFront Heat Exchanger Applications

Year Make  Model Engine
2015+ BMW  F80 M3 3.0L Turbo S55
2015+ BMW  F82 M4 3.0L Turbo S55
2015+ BMW  F83 M4  3.0L Turbo S55



AWE Tuning F80/F82 M3 & M4 Air-To-Water-Intercooler Heat Exchanger

Cue the AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger. Swapping the stock heat exchanger for the engineered AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger not only produces cooler and more stable IATs (peaking at just over 115°F after six power pulls) but also solid run-to-run consistency..
When taking the tests to the track, 0-100 mph runs show the AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger dropping IATs from start to finish, keeping the incoming air to the F8X motor cooler than stock, even while at idle, thereby reducing heat soak.

The AWE Tuning ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger achieves better results than stock by presenting a 24.4% larger frontal surface area while also increasing fluid volume by 125%. Further, the construction of the AWE Tuning core utilizes specially designed tubes and fins. More surface area and better fin aerodynamics for superior heat exchange, and higher thermal reserve through increased liquid volume ensures IATs stay low and power stays consistent and ultra-reliable.

The AWE Tuning BMW F8X ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger is a meticulously engineered and guaranteed proven solution to heat-based power loss in the BMW F8X platform. Boasting a 125% increase in fluid volume, 24.4% increase in frontal surface area, and resulting IAT drop of 15°F. Enabling the full potential of the BMW


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