Audi R8 Alpha 10 Performance Package

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Alpha performance by AMS brings you the most advanced twin turbo system available for your Audi R8 V10 FSI.  Alpha truly brings the ultimate turn-key solution for those seeking unmatched power and performance without sacrificing luxury or comfort.

With over 100 years of combined automotive performance experience, Alpha by AMS brings you a seamlessly integrated system offering optimal performance; a staggering 900bhp and over 600ft-lbs of torque all on pump gas.

The Alpha R8 Twin Turbo system was designed to look like it came installed from the factory, not a system that was added later. 

Real World Usage

The Alpha Performance R8 package safely delivers you a usable 900 horespower and over 600ft-lbs of torque-always beckoning you to lay on the throttle.  With a wide powerband on tap at every RPM, you will always be ready for action.  Imagine the confidence of owning one of the fastest road going vehicles in the world...

That Sound

Alpha has extensively tested the Alpha R8 Package to insure reliability and performance.  Our system provides you with superior cooling, reliability, aesthetic quality and exhaust note.


  • Alpha 10 turbo system support frame

  • Alpha spec twin billet compressor wheel turbochargers

  • Twin Tial Wastegates

  • Twin Tial BOV's

  • OEM Quality turbo air inlets

  • Large air/water intercooler

  • twin heat exchangers for intercooler

  • Carbon Fiber ducting for intercooler hear exchangers

  • Fans for Intercooler heat exchangers

  • Fans for intercooler heat exchangers

  • Scavenge Pump for turbo oil drain

  • 4ply silicone hose

  • Alpha low backpressure exhaust system

ModBargains Installation

If you have any questions about the Alpha 10 Performance Upgrade for the Audi R8, Please give us a call (714) 582-3330

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