aFe Power ELITE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake for 2008-13 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93]

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Free Shipping is proud to introduce the new AFE Cold Air Intake System for the E90, E92 & E93 M3. The AFE Intake comes complete with fabricated aluminum intake box, intake tube, and intake scoops, all of which make for one impressive intake for your M3. This intake has dyno proven gains, which show an increase of 14 horsepower & 7 Ft./Lbs. of torque at the rear wheels, by only adding the AFE Intake System.


  • 14 horsepower gain and 7 Ft./lbs torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved performance results in greater fuel efficiency
  • Washable / reusable air filter

About AFE Filters
AFE filters are constructed from 100% polyurethane which makes them very durable, and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. The construction of the pleats in the filter is deeper than that of any other filter, this provides for an increased flow and prevents a greater amount of dust from reaching your engine.

  • Durable construction
  • Deep pleats for increased filtration
  • Washable/re-useable
Filter Types
Pro Dry S
  • Washable/reusable non-oiled cotton gauze filter
  • Maximum convenience with no re-oiling needed
Pro 5R (oiled)
  • Washable/reusable oiled cotton gauze filter
  • Maximum airflow


Thanks to XunXunDCT (Will) for his incredible review on the aFe Cold Air Intake System !!!!!

Here are some pictures of his BMW E92 M3 with the AFE Cold Air Intake installed on a beautiful set of Volk TE-37s.

Here is the long awaited dyno chart as promised:

Please take into consideration that the stock dyno was done on a very cold rainy day and the dyno with the aFe intake was done on a normal Socal day.
Dyno Completed at SP Engineering with 200+ miles driven on the aFe Intake to allow the ECU to adapt.

Dyno Completed at SP Engineering on a dyno-jet with 200+ miles driven on the aFe Intake to allow the ECU to adapt. Three runs were done and this is the avg result.

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