330i Intake Manifold Kit for 2006-13 BMW N52 128i/325i/328i/525i/528i/Z4 [E60/E85/E82/E9X] N52B30H0

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330i Manifold Conversion Kit for 2006-13 BMW N52 128i/325i/328i [E82/E90/E91/E92] N52B30H0
N52B30H0 Manifold Conversion Kit for BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 N52


  • Single Biggest Horsepower Mod for ANY Naturally Aspirated BMW 328i, 128i...etc.
  • Increases Output to 250hp (260hp when tuned for this manifold!)
  • Advanced 3-Stage Intake Manifold Is Specially Designed To Extract More HP at Any Given RPM
  • Significantly Improved Top End Power That Will Make You Want to Rev to Redline On Every Shift
  • Noticeable Bump In Power from 3,500RPM Up
  • Makes All Your Other Mods More Potent
  • All BMW Factory Parts with Proven Performance with Absolutely No Downside Whatsoever


  • 2006 325i/xi [E90] 218hp > 250hp
  • 2007-12 328i/xi [E90/E91/E92/E93] 230hp > 250hp
  • 2008-12 128i [E82] 230hp > 250hp
  • 2006-07 525i/xi [E60/E61] 230hp > 250hp
  • 2008-10 528i/xi [E60/E61] 230hp > 250hp
  • 2006-08 Z4 3.0i [E85] 215hp > 250hp

ModBargains.com now offers this N52B30H0 Manifold Conversion Kits to convert any 2006-13 N52 engine to an N52B30H0 intake manifold.

This kit includes everything to fit the high output N52B30H0 manifold from the 255hp 2006 330i to any 128i, 325i, 328i, 525i, 528i or Z4 3.0i N52 engine (2006-13). It takes the guesswork out of adding the N52B30H0 manifold to your engine. The intake manifold from the 2006 E90 330i is a direct, bolt-on upgrade to the other cars with the N52 engine - 128i, 325i, 328i, 528i, and Z4 3.0i. The 330i used BMW's 'high output' N52 engine with a stock 255hp. The other cars used a very similar 3.0-liter engine with only minor changes. The biggest change was with the intake manifold. While these other cars used a single-stage intake manifold, the 330 came with a more advanced 3-stage manifold with electronic valves to direct air to the cylinders that need it most. This kit is a straight-forward bolt-on replacement of your stock manifold.

The biggest change you will notice is the extra power, especially at high RPM. This is a kit that will make you want to rev to redline on every shift just to feel the difference. The power gains are not 'peaky' but there is a very noticeable bump in output starting at about 3,500 RPM. And with all factory parts and proven performance software there is no downside. The 330 manifold upgrade just may be the best modification you ever make to any BMW N52 engine!

Kit Contents

  • E90 330i N52B30H0 intake manifold (new), 11617559523
  • throttle body seal ring, 13547522361
  • crankcase vent hose (used for 325i/525i/Z4 only), 11617559530
  • DISA valve (large), 11617579114
  • DISA valve (small), 11617560538
  • DISA valve mounting screws
  • intake manifold profile gaskets, 11617547242

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