Remus Sport Exhaust for 2007-2014 BMW X5 [E70] 4.8L (089407 1549)

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Remus Exhaust Benefits
  • More Power Every Time You Push The Pedal with Dyno-Proven Performance Gains
  • Deep, Authoritative Exhaust Note will Turn Heads
  • Chrome Oval Tips Give your X5 a much sharper appearance
  • Potentially Save Money With Increased Fuel Economy Thanks to Enhanced Exhaust Flow


  • 2007-14 BMW X5 [E70] 4.8L (089407 1549)


BMW E70 X5 Remus Exhaust


BMW E70 X5 Remus Exhaust2


The Remus Sport Exhaust System features a straight through mufflers, reducing backpressure to provide dyno proven gains in horsepower and torque. No need to worry about fitment; as theexhaust is manufactured to OEM specifications, and uses the  same mounting points as stock. All Remus Mufflers are constructed from 303 stainless steel to ensure your exhaust never rusts and lasts as long as your vehicle does. Give your X5 that deep, aggressive Remus exhaust note, while not being overly loud, with a Remus Sport Exhaust.

  • Precision CNC manufactured to ensure a perfect fit
  • 303 stainless steel construction
  • 416 stainless steel tips
  • Chrome plated exhaust tips



Why Remus Exhaust?

  • World's largest manufacturer of aftermarket automobile sport exhaust; I.S.O. 9001 and T.U.V. approved O.E.M. supplier to BMW, Mercedes, AMG, Porsche, Ducati, allowing them access to shared CAD files for fully automated quick and accurate fitment. As well, back pressure calculations and sound testing in a highly sophisticated audio dyno room. Our dyno results as an O.E.M. supplier must be accurate. Dyno results are 'bolt on' only, with no complimentary modifications.
  • Robotic MIG and/or TIG welds that are thicker and stronger. Since moving into automated robotic welding, weld failures have become a thing of the past.
  • An appealing appearance that doesn't scream to the authorities, ""Hey look at me, I'm a Race System,"" but indeed, performs like one.
  • Full 303 stainless steel construction in bodies and tubing, 416 stainless steel tips; every unit specific with regards to back pressure, sound requirements and fitment.
  • Deep throaty Remus sound in all systems allowing the power and efficiency to be released. Horsepower increase equals efficiency increase, so fuel mileage is enhanced as well.
  •  Three year unlimited mileage warranty. If there ever is a warranty claim, Remus will replace the product & pay $40.00 per hour for labor.


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