Active Autowerke Intercooler for 2007-13 BMW 335i [E90/E92] N54/N55

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Active Autowerke 335i Intercooler Kit
The Intercooler Kit from Active Autowerke replaces the factory which is good, but with added boost to your car, there is added heat load leading to what is known as heat soak, which is the inability to shed heat. The turbos in your car pump hot air into your intake manifold when the stock intercoolers are working at their optimum level.

To overcome this heat soak, the Active Autowerke Intercooler Kit will reduce air temp in the engine significantly from its 88% larger core and a specially designed shroud. Tests show an air temp drop of close to 30° F in the intake manifold, with a gain of 12 usable rear wheel HP on a Mustang MD250 dynamometer.


  • 88% larger core over stock
  • Front Mount to receive the most air
  • Drop of 30° F in the intake manifold
  • 12 rear wheel HP gains


  • 2007-2013


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Installation Guide E92 Intercooler Kit

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