StopTech STR600 Brake Fluid~

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Improve pedal feel and braking performance by replacing your brake fluid with StopTech Racing STR600 Brake Fluid for your Ford. The STR600 Brake Fluid is designed for street driven vehicles, but is okay for light use in track driven vehicles such as autocross. Switching out your brake fluid for the STR600 is one of easiest and most cost effective ways to enhancing braking characteristics.

The StopTech STR600 Fluid comes in a metal container where most competitor's fluids comes in plastic jugs. This improves conventional shelf life by 25%. This fluid exceeds specifications of; U.S 571.116, DOT 4, is road legal, and compatible with all modern ABS and other vehicle systems.

StopTech STR600 Brake Fluid Features

     ?ò  Improves braking performance
     ?ò  Increased stopping power for street driven vehicles
Dry boiling point of 594??F (312??C)
Wet boiling point of 404??F (206??C)
Comes in 500ml metal container
25% longer shelf life than competitor fluids

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