SLP Sub-Frame Connector Brace Camaro Coupe

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SLP has released their new 10 point sub-frame connector for the 2010+ Camaro Coupe.  This brace was designed to hold the Camaro's front and rear sub frames together, dramatically stiffening up the chassis.  This connector brace is constructed out of heavy-duty steel box tubing, giving rigidity to the brace and increasing your Camaro's handling abilities.

If you ever want to put your Camaro on a race track this connector brace is a must.  Under hard racing conditions the chassis is known to flex and leave creases in the rear quarter panels.  No holes are required to install this brace (8 point without drilling holes, 10 point if two optional holes are drilled).  Finally it is finished off with a durable gloss black powder coated finish and are constructed using rigid 2""x2"" and 1""x1"" 14 gauge steel and 3/16"" steel plate.

NOTE: Does not fit convertibles.

  • Increases chassis stiffness
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel box tubing
  • Increase your car's performance and handling abilities
  • No holes required to drill
  • Powder coated gloss black
  • Constructed of 2""x2"" and 1""x1"" 14 gauge steel and 3/16"" steel plate
  • Installation instructions are included
  • Installation Time: 2.7 Hours

  • 2010+ Camaro Coupe (70805)

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