Rovos Durban Wheels - Gloss Silver Brushed - 22" - Volkswagen - 5x112mm

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Rovos Durban Wheels - Gloss Blac

Rovos Durban Wheels - Gloss Silver Brushed - 22""



Rovos Wheels has been one of the lead aftermarket wheels for all American Muscle vehicles but have slowly been spreading into the European and JDM scene for a while now. Rovos wheels are 99.9% pure aluminum and are powder coated while being developed to ensure the best color finish to truly impress any car enthusiast out there.



Available Sizes:


22"" x 9""                                                      22"" x 10.5""

PCD Offset Center Bore   PCD Offset Center Bore
5x112 33 66.56   5x112 41 66.56
5x112 36 66.56        



Rovos Wheels are made using a low pressure cast which uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold quicker. This particular process allows for improved mechanical properties such as increased strength and greater durability for a long-lasting wheel. Compared to other brands, Rovos Wheels are much more dense than the typical, expected gravity-cast wheels.




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