Rogue Engineering IKON Axle-Back Exhaust for 1999-2006 BMW 325i/ix/330i/ci [E46] (DMS-E46)

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Rogue Engineering IKON Exhaust
Like all Rogue Engineering products, the IKON exhaust system is entirely designed and developed in the US in our facility in Hohokus, NJ.  By doing the development, fitting, evaluation and testing here, you're assure a product that not only looks and sounds great, but a product you can have installed with confidence.

The budget-minded enthusiast will quickly notice that our first IKON offering, for the BMW E46 325/330 is price much lower than the DMS exhaust.  With a price of only $554.95, this is undoubtedly the most affordable BMW specific exhaust offered to date.  Isn't it time an affordable exhaust solution be available for the E46?

By utilizing a custom-made, single muffler (instead of producing two, individual mufflers in the DMS system), RE is able to save manufacturing costs with this simpler design, and pass this savings to our performance customer.  Many enthusiasts do not pay particular attention to the shape or size of the muffler, as long as it fits well and sounds good.  The RE IKON fits this bill perfectly.

In testing, replacing only a muffler or even the complete exhaust system on an E46 yields small measurable gains.  Of course, these minute gains may be depicted on a carefully constructed dyno chart.  Rogue Engineering looks at an exhaust with reality in mind, designing our exhaust to deliver great looks and sound, with minimal issues of fit.  Of course, all of this at an affordable price would be a bonus.  These are features that the Rogue Engineering IKON deliver!

For real world exhaust performance gains, this typically means replacing the largest restriction, the catalytic converters, located in the factory exhaust manifolds.  From there, free flow aftermarket catalytic converters could be added downstream, after the exhaust gas velocity had an opportunity to accelerate out of the engine, allowing for the most LEGAL gas velocity allowable.  This course of action, however, is typically can exceed more than $3000 plus installation.

Replacing the ENTIRE factory exhaust system (resonators and rear muffler) with larger tubing WITHOUT addressing the largest restriction is an exercise in futility.  This kind of exhaust ""upgrade"" will generally cost needless additional installation charges, fit issues (can 6 clamps on an exhaust REALLY fit like factory?), and ultimately, drain your wallet faster than a Bugatti Veyron. 

IKON Features
Just because the IKON exhaust system is easy on the wallet does not mean you are getting short changed.  Features of the RE IKON E46 system include:

  • Only 21 pounds (replaces the 30 pound unit from the factory)
  • Full 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Mandrel bent, not pinched, dual 57mm tubing (stock is dual 50mm), allowing for increased air flow yielding positive performance gains.
  • Mill-finished pipes and muffler, mirror polished dual 3"" angle cut, double-walled, staggered tips.
  • Entire exhaust utilizes TIG welded construction
  • Deep tone (stock center resonator is retained)
  • Maintains BMW factory warranty
  • Rogue Engineering logo tastefully stamped in the body of the muffler
  • Adjustable mounting positions allow variable positioning with aftermarket bodywork
  • Can be clamped or welded (because factory exhaust must be cut, professional installation recommended)

Fits BMW E46 2001+ 325/330 including iX, wagon, convertible.  Does NOT fit '99-'00 323/328.

Rogue Engineering Development at Work
By using a more conventionally shaped muffler, we are able to spend more time fine tune the exhaust flow and sound being emitted from the exhaust.  Unlike other companies that offer ""muffler-only"" solutions for E46 applications, we have found through our research and polling, that many of these systems are simply too quiet, not allowing enough sound to be emitted.  

Although we do not produce BMW intake systems, we recognize the popularity and their use in conjunction with an exhaust system.  The RE IKON E46 system produces a deep, melodious tone, and compliments many popular intake systems on the market.

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