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NM Engineering RSe14 Wheels

The NM Engineering RSe14 wheels are some of the most well-rounded wheels out on the market today.  Their double 14 spoke design is very unique and allows the wheel to be very strong, yet light as a feather.  Some performance wheels are extremely strong, but in order to have that strength the companies that make them have to sacrifice lightness.  But with the NM Engineering RSe14 wheels, there are no sacrifices.  You get a wheel that fits your car perfectly, stands up to the forces of sporty driving, and gives you great performance for an even greater price. 

They are hub centric wheels, so you don't even have to buy hub rings to prevent vibration while driving.  And with this design, since the wheels are so open, you'll be able to put your brake kit on display whenever you want for all to see.  With the NM Engineering RSe14 wheels, you can bring your car to a show and bring it to the track all in one day.  These wheels are great for just about anyone who wants to up the performance and looks of their European car.

If you're interested in getting a set of NM Engineering RSe14 Wheels, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330 to make an order or talk to one of our product specialists to get any questions answered about any of our other products.  We would love to talk with you.

  • Looks amazing on Euro cars
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for the price
  • Strong enough to handle sporty driving
  • Better performance
  • Better handling
  • 21-26lbs per wheel
  • Open double 14 spoke design
  • Comes in black, gunmetal, and silver
  • Fits a wide range of European cars
  • Different center caps available
  • Offsets made for your specific car

Fits: Specific Mini, Audi, VW and Fiat Vehicles  Call: 714-582-3330 to Find Out What Wheel is Right for You!


NM Engineering RSe14 Wheel Gunmetal


Interested in grabbing a set of NM Engineering RSe14 wheels for your car?  Give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330

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