Motul Shine N Go (108093)

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Motul E10 Shine N Go 13 oz. Can

Motul is now not only the leading manufacturer of motor and transmission lubricants.  Their new line of cleaning products, including the 13 oz. can of Shine N Go cleaning and protective spray, is proven to be the most effective and safest thing to put on your vehicle if you are looking for show quality results. 

Their new Shine N Go is a spray that is used to make a protective film on PLASTIC PARTS ONLY, such as most parts found in the engine bay, wheel well covers, protectors, and many other areas of your vehicle.  The end result is a clean and even shine throughout your plastic components, which was hard to achieve before Shine N Go was on the market.

So if you're ready to get a can of Motul Shine N Go that can make even the toughest areas of your car as clean as can be, make an order with ModBargains by calling 714-582-3330.  Our Modification Experts are ready to help!

Motul Shine N Go

Interested in Motul Shine N Go?  Make an order by calling 714-582-3330 and talking to our Modification Experts.

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