Motorsport Hardware 78mm Length 14x1.25 to 14x1.5 Stud Conversion Kit

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Motorsport Hardware 14x1.25 to 14x1.5 Stud Conversion Kit


14x1.25-14x1.5 Conversion Stud Kit From Motorsport Hardware


  • Make track days easier with the on/offs without having to worry about cross threading

  • Go harder at the track (or canyons) with the comfort in knowing you have stronger wheel studs

  • Dont hang on by a thread when you add spacers to your ride



BMW F-Chassis

Any 14x1.25 Track/Race applications


Made in USA

12.9 Grade hardness

Axial strength up to 120,000lbs

Fast start nut installation

Black Zinc Finish

78mm Length w/ Extended thread accepts up to 20mm spacers

Converts 14x1.25 fine thread to 14x1.5

4-5 Lug Options


Features: This conversion stud kit form Motorsport Hardware is as good as it gets. Upgrading your wheel studs to a stronger one will make the repeated on/off at the track more hassle free. By upgrading you will reduce the common cross threaded problem that everyone will run into and try and over come. With the supplied fast nut, you will be ready to go again within minutes as it makes installation a breeze. With the extended threaded design you will also be able to run up to 20mm spacers and have a full bite into them. Unlike stock threads only being able to grab just a piece of them. So you wont have any doubts when your screaming through the canyons, or passing your friends at the track in a tight S section. Upgrade your Lug nuts to the famous MH Titan Race Nuts and add the personal touch to your ride. Available in Black, Silver, and NeoChrome
NeoChrome Motorsport Hardware 14x1.25 to 14x1.5 Stud Conversion Kit

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