Morph Auto Design Simplicita Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for 2016+ Audi A4/S4 [B9]

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2016+ Audi A4 S4 B9 Morph Auto Design Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Enhance the look of your B9 A4/S4 with a more aggressive rear end.
  • Improved aerodynamics will help keep your car planted and stable.
  • Make your car unique and stand out at meets or during day to day driving.


  • 2x2 carbon fiber weave
  • Clear coated and UV protected
  • Engineered in the USA


  • 2016+ Audi A4 S-Line [B9]
  • 2016+ Audi S4 [B9]


If you're an enthusiast you bought your B9 for its styling, its potential, and its performance. You don't want to look like every other B9 on the road, any boring person with enough money could buy the same car and have zero appreciation for it. Set yourself apart from those who do not cherish their car as you do. This full Carbon Fiber Simplicita Rear Diffuser from Morph Auto Design is exactly what you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. This is not some generic design that is modified slightly just to fit the B9 (see most ebay parts). This is 100% engineered from the ground up to fit, look amazing on, and perform optimally for the B9.

2016+ Audi A4 S4 B9 Morph Auto Design Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser


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